How to drive Tatarstan and Bashkiria without a single fine: three tricks of local DPS to keep in mind


Almost all Siberia and the Ural rides the sea or to Moscow through Tatarstan. And in Kazan, a wonderful and very beautiful city, you can also call. But very often, along with emotions, the driver brings home a bunch of receipts with fines. We in these regions almost our own — every year we dwell on fairs and festivals, so we know most of the tricks.

Despite the fact that Bashkiria and Tatarstan are neighbors, they have a fundamentally different approach to catching offenders.


But sometimes everything is adjusted so that even the most experienced driver will disrupt that. Such a trick is widespread: there are two automatic fixation cameras at the beginning and at the end of the segment of the road where limitations are valid. The first see everything. Only candid Schumachers come across.

But the second camera is placed at the very end, literally 10-15 meters before the abolition of restrictions. It can be closed by a machine, sign, buddha, turning the road to the tool and other farm. Everything is legally about the presence of a driver cameras warned in advance. But, tell me which driver presses the gas strictly after the canceling sign? Not many people who. I start to pod a little earlier, for which they arrive.

In Bashkiria

A sign of a reduction in speed due to repair work and does not put a sign of abolition of restrictions. And you are forced to crawl along the highway at a speed of 40-60 km / h before the first sign of the crossroads. And it is not all, but the road is excellent, but it’s not all, but the road is even better … and so until I’m psychoan. And for the nearest turn … no one! The crew is a little further, so that you are guaranteed to gazal, but you will be shot on the camera, tracked into the binoculars and on the sideline there is a radar. And you are going to such, quietly and you are accompanied by offended glances in which it sesters:

You do not see, we have not had breakfast!

Although, as a rule, DPS is already occupied by the processing of the «Toropag» generated.

A very common trick in Bashkiria, when they put an exact indication how many kilometers are the limitations.

Do you think 1 km is a lot?

A 2 kilometers?

Well, 3 generally the edge!

Yeah, Shanzzz, the largest segment with a time limit of speed up to 50 km / h, which I saw in Bashkiria — 15 km !!! No work was carried out because of their complete completion, and we crawled these 15 km on perfectly even, just a passed asphalt, which was fulfilled to the maximum week.

But the greatest ambush is connected with the length of the road, where the repair of the canvas or the curb is being repaired, there are limitations of the speed mode and there is a temporary overtaking sign forbidden … And after the sign there is a temporary solid line of yellow color. Immediately after the signs there should be a turn and absolutely straight, perfectly smooth road, carrying into the blue Dali.

Already one of the lute temptation for every Schumacher!

Only on this straight road is allowed a truck or a classic car that wives at the speed of exactly 35-38! The driver works as a reflex — there is still a stock in a non-infraced limit, the turn ended, the solid ended, there is no one until the horizon — let us overtake.

And Alga at speed 60!

What is his, or rather who is waiting for the driver in these very blue dala?

A man in the car on the hood of which is written the word from three letters — DPS. On the way back from Kazan, knowing this trick, I quietly and peacefully took all 15 kilometers per Gazelle crawling at the turtle speed. Those who could not stand and overtake, in a few minutes stood on the side of the road, and carried documents to the DPS car.

By the way, at the very end of the site of restrictions, the driver of the Gazelle, seeing that I did not overtake, Pretched, I sharply took the side of the road and turned right in front of me. And then also slowly drove in the opposite direction. What is it for?

So, the most important advice:

Do not break!

Over the past four years, pah-pah-pah, it was possible not to receive a single fine.

What do you wish, as they say: neither nail or rod!