How to remove dirty and interfering irrigation hoses.


Five years ago, when we closely took up the arrangement of the site around the house, I wanted to make such a system of irrigation, which opened the crayon, and everything is completely poured.

Once we decided — you need to do!

We went to the famous landscape design in the city and we counted the system of smart automatic watering by 8 acres of land. A minute later, we left the office with such eyes 👀 that a couple of days the neighbors and acquaintances asked:

Do you have a Basted disease?

Well, what else should there be eyes when 420 thousand rubles were born for materials with work. I had to do everything myself according to the well-known domestic system «cheap and angry». The only thing that I did not save, so it is on the hoses. The hoses should be high-quality, so as not to be cracked, did not go beyond, they were not climbed, they were not afraid of the cold … respectively, expensive.

I chose Gardenu and did not regret.

The only thing that did not consider, and that I swear the most — the hose was constantly confused under his feet, and when you try to constantly wash it / unwind all the dirt turned into hands.

And so this masochism pulled me that this year I could not stand and offered my wife:

We went to buy carts for hoses.

I drove to the store, and there … the situation with the eyes 👀 was repeated. Such a feeling, all merchants think that the gardeners are completely millionaires, drive on Mercedes, and on the hectares, the serfs are drunk!

For two high-quality coils without hoses, give 7-8 thousand, too, not ready.

But still this problem was solved. And for two weeks for two weeks, dirty hoses do not hang out, legs are not stuffed, and the hands are always clean. Full gardening Fenshui!

And we helped us the Council of the Old Jew.

What is it?

The fact is that any expensive and high-quality manufacturer has two product lines.




It appears from time to time in online stores. In ordinary gardening, it practically does not happen — there are always expensive.

Coil for hose

Promo line is called

If you buy all this separately, the price tag comes out about 8.700 rubles. On the Internet, all this is:

And in the store

Instead of 17,400 rubles (but it seems, they begin to rise).

Well, now actually about the coils themselves.

Folding handle.

It is not necessary to unwind the hose.


Conveniently wasting, unwind, transport.

Despite modest dimensions, 40 meters of 1/2 inches hose or 25 meters 3/4 are wound on the coil.


In general, thanks to the advice, for the price of one standard coil, it was possible to buy two, with two hose bays and huge sets of fittings and pivals. So, if you find such coils, think about buying — now this is the most profitable purchase on the market.