I learned how to legally build a workshop near the house, open a business in it or work in creativity


Stories about how a person opened a small workshop in the garage from which a multi-million dollar enterprise has increased, and sometimes (remember Steve Jobs?) And a whole corporation on the Internet you can find a whole WHO and a small cart.

There is only one but!

In 99% of cases, all these stories about the «bourgeois», that is, about the citizens of the USD and Europe. The fact is that the garage and workshop are not divided abroad. The owner of the house can do everything in his garage, which is your heart, if only a nuclear reactor or weapon of mass lesions did not develop.

If you look at our domestic soil, the stories with our own masterfully in 99% of cases are associated with their illegal construction and demolition: then the neighbors noise prevented the noise and they «failed where necessary», then inspecting accidentally passed and stumbled upon a malicious violator, which in Own workshop (and notice, on its own site!) Did you teach business.

Our workshop is located 5 meters from the house and carefully hidden from strangers in … Ban.

Yes Yes Yes!

You did not hear, it is in the bath. Rather it was assumed that it would be a big and spacious bath, but it was decided to donate and indoors of 5.5 * 6 meters appeared artistic glass workshop. How we rejoiced her! She seemed so big and spacious to us.

But over time, this workshop has become Mala. Instead of one furnace, two appeared. No 5 people come to master classes, and sometimes 25! And the workshop becomes not to extend.

So we decided to expand and for the sake of a common good to sacrifice the garage. Now the area of the workshop will be 75 kV / m. The work goes to the whole and, I think, by the fall, our workshop will open the doors for everyone.

And now, attention, the question is: how legal to build a workshop and engage in creativity / business at home?

If you are going to build a workshop as a commercial premises in which you will do business … then from the point of view of the law in Russia, this is not done in any way!

As soon as you decide to engage in commercial activities in this room, all state bodies will be loved by the internal and not very internal.

The only option, the legal cutting of the land plot from its own and building the building in its already legal mini-Kaliningrad.

Please note that already before the construction of the workshop will love all officials and costs only for paperwork, they will be (for the Urals) about … a lot … very much (my friend gave a total of 240 thousand).

Moreover, you will need to plan your workshop in advance, specify which equipment will stand, ventilation, hydrant, fire prigger, bucket with sand, hang on a special feature fire extinguisher, baccor and so on. Wonderful Employees of SES, Rospotrebnadzor and the more firefighters will «love» you wholesale and retail on a commercial basis. Oh, yes and garbage from you will also be taken on a commercial basis.

The only legal version of the organization of the workshop in its plot is the construction of a garage or auxiliary building and the opening of its business in it.

Only you and members of your family can work there without attracting hired workers. The specified limitation is set to 5.2.4 «SP 30-102-99. Layout and development of the territories of low-rise housing construction. «

For the garage and the «auxiliary building», it is not necessary to obtain a building permit — this rule is set to part 17 of Art. 51 Town Planning Code. However, the requirement of the indentation from the boundaries of the site and buildings in neighboring sites is preserved.

Naturally, no commercial activity you should behave in it, as if. Only production or creativity in pure form, no sales, shops, trading.

By the way, a familiar lawyer advised for particularly pressing officials and all sorts of checking on the workshop proudly writing with large letters «Garage».