I understand and cry: why I had to demolish from your site a big and comfortable greenhouse


We are often customary to poke on the United States and other Europeans that they say there, democracy, paradise of private property and all sorts of moisture. Nodded? So got! And after all, it does not reach some chocolate, they are sitting here in «Drinking Russia.»

The uniqueness of our country is not only that during moans, as badly began to live, most of the population lives in their own housing. And even if it is purchased through a mortgage, then believe me, our 15 years — a children’s fairy tale compared to their mortgage for 30-50 years. How much is that for your property we pay just garbage taxes. They, there in the neighbor and Fate Saburishche, first of all, look even at the cost of the house, but for taxes, as they can be more than to make a new acquisition from a lot and let the person in the world.

And how is it all connected with the greenhouse?

The most direct way is my greed!

We went for a long time to their housing. Immediately after the wedding, a young family did not have money even on the embarrassment odnushku. So when there was a chance to build a house, I did not finish it. Each room, a large kitchen, storage room, a veranda and other charms pulled on 240 squares. In addition, several buildings joined our kerck … and the heroine of my story is a greenhouse.

She appeared even during the construction of the house. I am never a gardener himself. But since the wife said it is necessary, it means it is necessary. And if so, the greenhouse should be big and comfortable. Made to his head …

It did not finish it, therefore 4 * 10 most. And necessarily on the foundation, so as not to flew into his country to the greenhouse!

N-number passed years and the state quite reasonably solved all owners to oblige to pay taxes, and then it came to me that with a capital foundation for the greenhouse I got excited about, for she immediately moved to the discharge of real estate.

And when Rosreestra drones appeared on our village, I sat down at the table and began to count:

For all these pleasures in the next year, the next year will fly about what tax, since our village is located within the city and the land Our land is valued for both high, especially tax.

Therefore, it was decided to take a greenhouse under the analysis. Instead of her on the other side of the house there are two small greenhouses without foundation 3 * 4 meters. There will be no complaints from tax on them.

Why cry?

Everything is very simple!

The greenhouse is intensified into a ribbon foundation, which will make the honor of a different wooden house: it is 30 centimeters wide and 50 cm deep. Inside the tape four rods of the 14th fittings. And since the concrete I poured myself, and used special additives with the Ruby, then the tape is just not even a good bump. He is 12 years old, and he is like new!

I’m sitting at the computer now, I look at the photo and crying in the literal and figurative sense. What did I think when he was poured? It is impossible to leave — such a Belmo in the middle of the site sticks out, and a stupid work at least a week.

In addition, it turned out that a big greenhouse is a completely inconvenient thing!

In one greenhouse, it is impossible to plant cucumbers, tomatoes and bell peppers — they survive each other — so they need two separate greenhouses with a different irrigation organization.

So I had to buy a metal and quickly cook the second «Icelandic» greenhouse, which showed itself from the best side.

Why did I climb only now? From this year, lowering coefficients are no longer working, and the property for real estate will be in full.

The tax and Rosreestr recently «tightly» took up the owners of the housing — already a couple of my acquaintances went to prove that their real estate is not made of pure gold and is not located in Gelendzhik, but just simple houses built by their own hands.

So, if you have a big capital greenhouse on the foundation, think, maybe two small better than one big one.