Glass for the people abashment,acquest,agglomerated,apodal,autovac,crepitant,downfall,fire-fang,grain-exchange,hipster,monsignor,moppet I wanted incredible success, but thanks to the miracle, I understood it in time, what is the secret of simple everyday happiness

I wanted incredible success, but thanks to the miracle, I understood it in time, what is the secret of simple everyday happiness

What is the secret of simple human happiness?

In money, cars, big homes?

In glory?

In a high social situation?

Each person has its own answer to this question. American master glass fiber Gary Bichus gave his own on him, but, as it seems to me, a completely universal answer.

Gary was born in 1955 on a small family farm in Wisconsin. His parents were not rich people, did not go on Rolls-Royce, did not resist on the bugs. All their life has passed in the cultivation of corn and garlic. The only thing they could afford is to collect old banks and bottles that the whole farm was forced.

Naturally, they did not have money for the training of the Son in college.

A miracle helped: in high school, the boy was seriously fond of physics and the state government allocated a special scholarship for him, so that Gary could go to study in a college with a specialty «Geology».

However, on his misfortune, or happiness, Gary found out that the glass workshop works at the college. One visit there was enough to the young man applied for translation. Three years later, instead of a geologist, a departure of the college was a master glass fiber.

Having cherished crusts, Gary wanted only one thing — to start blowing masterpieces. Only … the glass windows were not particularly needed, and he could not get a job in their specialty. Purchased several months without work, he still managed to get a handyman for the plant for making bottles.

Here is the irony of fate, ranging from bottles on the farm, he returned to their manufacture!

The offer to engage in glassmate craft was received only in a year! Naturally, the young man immediately grabbed him. Once in the super-modern studio, he took up the case and from his hands just fell beautiful vases, sculptures, installations.

But, one day, a pretty girl’s workshop appeared in the workshop, which was called Mary Lynn White. You understand yourself, standing hand in hand at a hot furnace, between two young people could not stop the spark.

And she slipped …

Gary and Mary got married, and in a year they opened their own glass workshops. They went to success with seven-world steps. The workshop was spoken in the press, journalists took the interview with the young talent. Slowly, step by step Gary was moving toward success: the exhibition in Japan, the victory in the competition, the exhibition in Paris, in Germany …

The road to glory was listed almost instantly: Mary was seriously ill. Doctors refused to treat hopelessly sick and Gary left another way out, how to pick her home.

And the second miracle happened: Mary was fixed. The disease retreated.

A few days spent on the verge made spouses to overestimate the wealth that they had, and which they so thoughtlessly spent in pursuit of glory and universal recognition.

And the name of this wealth is life.

Since then, Gary Bichch has no longer participated in exhibitions and contests, did not communicate with journalists, did not rush to fame and successful success, overlooking himself with a crowded stack of a hot furnace.

Gary and Mary ran their hell!

The line was separated by work and personal life. They are enough to stand in just a couple of days in a furnace workshop to make several new works, sell them, and continue to live in their pleasure.

Just think, two days a week they work in the workshop, and everything else is spent on themselves, on their lives.

And it gave their fruits!

It turned out that behind the workshop, on the large plot of land, which they could once redeem, the garlic grows well. This garlic is everything that Gary got from the parents-farmers.

And next to the landings of garlic quietly fit several hives, in which hardworking bees collect the delicious honey. And Gary are happy with pleasure behind them, collects honey, treats his spouse and even shares with neighbors (the benefit of the state of this does not prohibit).

And the spouses were fascinated by surfing and fishing. Even Mary gladly stands on the ocean’s shore with a large fishing rod in his hands.

Wanted to see the stunning sunsets on the ocean coast?

Not a question, let’s go!

Want to meet a sunset in the National Park?

Great idea! Take dogs, we still have time!

Now spouses for 66 years. In such a rhythm (2 days of active work / 5 days of simple human life at home or travel around the country) they live for more than 20 years. Yes, they have no expensive medical insurance, there are no expensive cars. All that they have is an old pickup and the same old house, with a creaking veranda and slave chairs.

But maybe they are more and not necessary!

After all, with you, there, on the edge of life, you will not take a new car or beautiful expensive chairs, you can not queries cash or translate a n-need amount of money. And the exhibitions, with memorable grades and medals, you will not take with you …

So what is the secret of simple life of Gary Biachem?

In the life itself! In a simple, measured life! Without a hurry, without fuss, without chase for money, glory and position. In that sort of lifestyle, when you feel next to you, the elbow of your loved one, the wind of the wind, the rust of the waves, the smell heated per day of the earth and … the ability to engage in loved ones when you want it.

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