I went to the familiar farmers and found out at what price they give vegetables to wholesalers and where the markup occurs 300%


First anecdote in the topic:

We will be honest, about increasing prices for carrots, potatoes and beets did not write on Zen only lazy. However, further oh, sigh and comparing price tags with Venezuelan bananas did not go further. And if there is some logical explanation to increase prices for building materials. That explain why the penny vegetables suddenly purchased raids made of graval gold and the corresponding price tag is not so difficult … It does not give in to a logical explanation.

Well, Russia does not supply carrots with beets for foreign markets, oil from it is also not done, do not build a house, that’s if only moonshine …

Even at school, 6 graders, drove into the urban «vegetable snob» to work out, where we moved the mountains of Luke, beets, carrots of the second and third freshness. All the lured land returned home, but with the full packages of natural product.

Vegetables in Russia have always been in the forehead, you are all accustomed that vegetables are cheap. Grow in «Mud» and the price tag is appropriate. Many so lazy that they stopped planting onions, carrots, beets and potatoes in their sites. Instead of them or planted flowers, or something exotic. Increase prices became thunder among the clear sky. Seeing space price tags, many have already thought that it would be nice for the next year to organize a couple of beds with a particularly VIP root garden.

In general, I decided to go to familiar farmers who are engaged in growing suddenly become gold vegetables. To go from my house for a very long time — as many as 28 kilometers, the road is not close, but for the sake of the article I risked 😂.

Their farm is organized on the basis of a millionaire worn outlet. Once there were multi-storey houses, the club, the villagers were built by separate cottages, they gathered money for a submarine, the money was just running away. Perestroika Soviet economy did not survive, land

And here on the basis of several posts that have a desire to work on earth, people organized several farms.

Of course, the scope is not at all, but the city is provided by vegetables completely. Each autumn guys will bring the fruits of their work for seasonal aghunas (September-October). Until that time, the farmers are all grown with their own hands passing outlets. Those in turn bring carrots and other vegetables on the wholesale market of the city. How small merchants come from spreading bags in their sales points.

I phoned, and, after spending 15 minutes in a long road, I was visiting my friends. They just prepared a batch of vegetables to send to the city — the wholesalers arrived.

And now, as Zadornov said, type air into the lungs. At what prices, wholesalers buy vegetables at farmers right now:

I’m going to the wholesale market, where from the same farmers, bring in vegetables in bags. Watching prices:

Are there any other questions? Here, — as the famous politician spoke, — where the dog rummaged. As in the case of a tree and metal, the outbid understood that if you really want to earn and raise a price, you will not have nothing for it, the wholesalers simply decided to «welding.»

I talked to my friends and found out that prices will fall only when farmers are allowed to bring their products to seasonal fairs to the city. True, that prevents municipal municipals to do it right now, another conversation.