In our Lada Vesta Cross flew a sledge hammer weighing 3 kg: What did it show «test for strength»?


I never understood the phrase «the heart went into the heels.» Today I understand, and not only the heart went away, but also the soul, the whole nervous system, most of the internal organs sat down down. And all this for one single second, during which a sledgehammer flew to the car.

Not my car!

But got into my!

And everything began very well. In the morning we came to SMS that the new glass of the glass, which we ordered in Moscow, came and is ready for extradition.

How did we wait for this glass! It was ordered back in February, it was expected that he would come to Russia in March. But because of the events of the beginning of the year, it came only in August. And that is not all.

In general, we jumped to the ceiling when you read the message. Instantly gathered, Natalia started the car, I rushed behind the nail and rods.

The fact is that glass comes to us in such wooden boxes. Each box weighs an average of 75 to 120 kilograms. Around it with large nails, a dohkel. I disassemble the cut right in the transport company, after which I drag the box into the car.

I did not find a nail!

Three days ago, they helped the neighbor of packaging things when moving, so in the garage it’s not to find anything day with fire. And since it was very hurried, took a big knife and a sledgehammer. It can be perfectly knocked out the lower boards and the root collapse itself.

We arrived. Issued documents and here we were taken out!

Covenate box with glass!

How we rejoiced !!!!

The whole parking was watched on our emotions. I took a swollen sledgehammer, swung and …

The metal head of the sledgehammes is smoothly separated from the handle and flies in the vehicle below …

And not in my, but in the adjacent BMW x6 bright red color …

And then, as in slow motion.

My whole life flew before my eyes.

Wife and half of the eyes present rounded up to the state of the headlights of the motorcycle.

Some miracle, a sledgehammer flew in a millimeter from BMW!

And got into my car.

In the rear right wing, literally in 10 centimeters from the rear light.

She said: «Bzzdy!», Bounced off and gave himself under BAU.

-Hhhhh! — Pronunciation of a loader.



Visit of brothers, thermal procedures with iron on the chest or soldering iron elsewhere are canceled.

The whole districts came to see the place of impact.

To be honest, I thought damage would be much more. The sledgehammer soldered the lacquer in two places and in one place made a small dent.

Probably it would be better if she got into the lantern. It is easy to unscrew and change. Immediately you will have to edit metal and draw the body element painting.

In general, for impact from all Mahu sledgehammer three !!! A kilogram of damage is some kind of children. I remembered that Lada Vesta is accused of overly thin metal, the absence of galvanized coating, weak paint.


Despite the dent, the sledgehammer did not even come up to the paint to the metal. If you look at, then only the primer is visible. If it were not for dents, I would bought a branded Ladovsky pencil for the core of scratches in «native colors» and nothing was visible. Immediately you have to go to the service.

It is a pity, of course, on the other hand, you can remember the ancient Jewish proverb:

Thank you for picked up!

Life and health is the most important thing. We will be healthy, and the rest will apply. Good luck to everyone and health!