Glass for the people abashment,acquest,agglomerated,apodal,autovac,crepitant,downfall,fire-fang,grain-exchange,hipster,monsignor,moppet In the city, money simply lie under the legs, but only units can see a good earnings in the garbage

In the city, money simply lie under the legs, but only units can see a good earnings in the garbage

On the Internet there are many fairy tales and even true stories about how a loser in life has succeeded due to perseverance and daily work. But very often success comes to a person who was simply brought to despair and found a way out … from a hopeless situation.

As often, it is necessary to hear that they say now there is practically no work, but in business in general the pipe is all the niches are busy, it is unrealistic. And maybe not necessary to break anywhere, to tear one place on the British flag for the sake of millions when the same millions are lying under their feet literally. You just need to look at the sky in search of a mythical crane, but under my feet. Of course, there is not a blue blue, but a good income is quite.

The hero of my today’s article, a young man … But why is there, a simple ordinary boy. Stars in school lacked, I did not pull the gold medal, I studied the average and I didn’t even think about the institute. The cross on all attempts to learn set the care of parents as a result of the accident. «Happiness» remains one at 19 years old do not wish anyone, even the enemy.

To go to learn, live on the scholarship and you can earn up at night, but without parental assistance oh how hard. And Vladimir decided to immediately look for a normal job. Only where to go to work in the city of metallurgists, where with a diploma of a specialized university, to get to the plant is considered an incredible success.

So the guy without the formation and experience of the work is a straight road to the delivery of food, which was done.

Find your work, your «successful success», Vladimir helped the «random case». From his father he was inherited by an old Gazelle, who could start, but not to start, go, but never go, slow down, but … in general, the vehicle’s condition was at about the «bucket with bolts».

However, on this bucket, Vladimir came from time to work and even after the shift on the way home took orders for delivery. And I also took the garbage in the form of boxes from pizza, rice, and other food member, which remains in restaurants and cafes. The debris missed or burned.

Understanding how many restaurants, cafes and even simple offices collect garbage, it came to Vladimir, so it’s not a garbage, but money. And and good money. Vladimir specializes in finding and exporting office and other garbage in the form of paper, cardboard, polyethylene.

Over the past six months, the cost of the waste paper has grown at times. Good, high-quality paper and cardboard can be handed over from 7 to 14 rubles. And this very waste paper, urban enterprises produce just a sea flared. It is enough several times a week to drive around the clinics, hospitals, offices, archives, shops, fairs and you can fill the Gazel to the top.

One day there was a real «Vesukh» and in the form of an old archive, which was required to urgently remove from the basement. 12 tons of paper This is not huhry-flies!

But in the truth of the golden bottom for Vladimir, the cottage villages were. Two or three times a week on our villages passing trash. All residents know the schedule of their arrival and exhibit garbage to the street in advance.

He knows about this and Vladimir, who in a couple of hours before the «trash» circles the village and chooses Cardboard and Polyethylene left on the street. So I met him: I went with garbage bags and a pair of boxes to the street, did not have time to put them on how the gazelle stopped and the young guy began to ship the box inside her «bucket». An unusual «trashman» interested me, and I could not miss the chance to learn something new I could not.

So the guy is now actively working around the city, engaged in the export of garbage, for free and for money, decorated with self-employed, concluded contracts with many organizations and is quite successfully working on itself.

A week per week, it takes about 2-3 tons of paper (as lucky) and about 500 kilograms of polyethylene. The latter is more appreciated, of course, it is much more difficult to collect it, but the profits from it above — for kilograms give 40 rubles.

Many people of cottage villages give him a paper garbage just like that, just to take and out. Some ask him to take the construction of the garbage and take a dump, naturally for money. And this is also a good profit.

Two months ago, the guy was 20 years old and my first (and not alone!) Million he already earned! Well done? Understanding!

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