Glass for the people abashment,acquest,agglomerated,apodal,autovac,crepitant,downfall,fire-fang,grain-exchange,hipster,monsignor,moppet It is not necessary to reinvent the bike: there was a heater in the attic of the village house, which is not afraid of wind, moisture, mice and frost

It is not necessary to reinvent the bike: there was a heater in the attic of the village house, which is not afraid of wind, moisture, mice and frost

Sometimes it seems to me that most modern building materials are invented by people with sadistic inclinations. Directly see the scene, two engineers are sitting in the laboratory:

Head here and here to modify!

-Do not. Let’s go on sale, let them suffer!

Well, how else to say if you improve one, and worsen another. And first of all, this refers to the insulation: if it is well insulates, it wines, if it does not wet, then, because of it, the floors begin, or fragile … disadvantages of mass. So in addition to the insulation, you need a bunch of films, membranes, scotch (ohhh, this is a separate song!), Which can cost more than the insulation itself.

In my urban house, the ceiling is heated: mineral wool and polystyrene foam, on top there is a dear superdiffusion membrane, an enhanced multilayer vapor barrier. As a result — heat, dry, not blocked, you can walk in shorts even without heating.

But a couple of times I have already managed to climb the mouse. Of course, the cat with it quickly coped, but honestly, I am a little afraid for the safety of the thermal circuit.

It’s good that I did not inscribe a roof with a foam completely! With our own eyes, I saw the opened insulation pie, where the mice worked! That’s where they broke away! According to the owner, his house is only three years old and he could not do anything: the mice were inside. A healthy man with tears in his eyes told:

I’m sitting dining, they are from above too. I sit dinner too. I sleep, and they all crush!

The neighbor has a highly qualified brigade of Tajiks insulated the roof on the special innovative technology «High-so» with the newest system «Avos» and trite beds of vaporizolation from the street. In the first wintering, the second floor just swam. Water was with the Olympic pool, no less! The cost of reworking the roof amounted to 570 thousand.

So in all your ten-year construction activities, I firmly learned one simple rule:

Ideal materials do not happen.

But, the other day I understood another:

Each rule has its exceptions.

And with this exception I introduced my own village house. I was very interested in the question: what the ceiling was insulated, if he does not move, the wind does not whistle, and no hear mice above his head. Whereas behind the walls sometimes she crawls something.

The ceiling is not insulated by the minvata, not extrusion and, even more so not sprayed with thermal insulation, but by clay.

But not simple!

In the manufacture of clay producer, the manufacturer added to a mixture of lime-puff. It gave two things: it does not eat mouse and it is more easy compared to the usual one.

In Kramzit, like a heater, there is only one disadvantage: it is blown out by a strong wind. In order for this not happened, the former owner of the house on the ceramzite topped a mixture of clay with sawdust, which for 50 years turned into a stone.

The perfect protective layer turned out: the clay with sawdust protects the clayzit from moisture and wind, and the ceramzite does not give mice to make minks, it does not eat and it does not freeze. The layer in 15 ceramzite centimeters and 5-7 centimeters of clay with layers were enough for a full insulation. It turned out more efficiently and at times cheaper than in my city house.

Maybe we are in vain trying to invent a bike when you can use proven technologies?

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