«Less than 200 thousand I do not get»: professions that will always be with good income.


To be honest, I am bombed for the second day in a row, and the article on this article on one of the job search sites. In which the author on serious sachas is in charge of the fact that after 5-10 years there will be completely different professions. And among the coolest, which will receive such a bunch of drugs, brought: virtual space visualizer, molecular nutritionist, digital producer, builder of the apartment environment (this is so designer called).

I do not know how there are in Moscow, Peter, Paris and all new yorks, but … in a nutshell I will tell you a small story. I have a friend, 25 years ago, with a slight break, bore two children. Other children grow instantly. She dedicated all her old daughter: schools, kindergartens, mugs and sections, taught English, German, mastered the design, school of models, and so on. As Mom said, «the future opens in front of the vico.» In general, except to finish school with a gold medal, the Vike of another exit was left.

He graduated, went to the institute, a red diploma … Well, what else for the future Andy Warhol in the skirt. Vika became a graduate designer with a sense of her own greatness at the level of a long-range space. Less than on Mercedes and, preferably, the knees are better not even approach. Even it looks at me with high. Only world design star is still looking for some mega-project that it can accomplish, preferably on the scale of the planet.

In the meantime … but while it sits on the neck of the younger sister.

Which somehow completely unnoticedly studied, though without red diplomas and golden medals at school, graduated from a college in the specialty finished, got a job on a company, for the year she had handed his hand and makes such stunning repairs that the customers make the jaw in the porcelain and It can not stop — he is so well laid.

I met her a week ago, she was angry, smiled:

Hello, Uncle Vadim.

Told. Repairs at Lena are painted until next year and people are ready to endure, as they know that it is the best in the city. I got married, I bought a car, the house took into a mortgage, there are no children, but they will, as soon as it organizes its construction company to repairs, and stands on his feet. Husband her loves to madness and wears in his arms.

Well, who in life is more successful: the world-class designer is sitting on bread and water or plaster-painter Lena?

And now let’s talk about professions that are not related to molecular nutrition and other «promising» directions, but will be stably feeding your host so that it does not happen.


This year we decided to make a canopy next to the house — in the future it will be a garage. A canopy made a small man Nikolai, it does not work anywhere else, cooks metal structures on private orders: 5 days of slow work to the music and 70 thousand rubles in his pocket.

Wide profile master office.

Our friends in a small cafe Brigade put such masters put a tile, «refreshing» the walls, pulled the ceilings. 12 days of work — 70 thousand per each.


Heating specialist.

Yesterday in our workshop did heating. There is nothing at all: hang three batteries, translate one, stretch the pipes. They arrived 4 smiling guys, instantly diamond setup drilled holes in the walls, stretched the pipes, hanged batteries, put money, received money and satisfied. All of them spent half of the working day — everyone earned 5 thousand rubles.

After us, they went to the cottage settlement — they have an order to install 70 gas boilers! Works nefold — season.

A crane.

Again, until employees cooked metal, talked.

Steppa bought a crane-manipulator and works on free bread for 10 years. Asked for salary:

-How leaves?

-If a day less than 6-7 thousand, it means an unfortunate day. For a month, there was never less than 200.

I stood and thought. I have two tows with a red diploma, graduate school, work by the head of the Security Council, the teacher at the university, now the workshop of the glass, we make many beautiful projects in Russia and even the world. My income was just in the last year began to approach this figure.

And next to me a friend of childhood, who studied only in the school, earned with his own hands to his own crane, and these are the most 200 thousand he has been in a row for 10 years and will always have. And it cost me so to rest?

Yes, let all these works are not so clean, you have to go into dust, lie under the car, to paint your hands, but they will always be with money. Is always!