Manufacturers bypass opened their shops with metal.


How much it costs the metal you can not even talk. I will not claim the Lavra grandfather of Columbus, I’m not going to open America. Enough! Opened it once, now it cannot be closed.

The situation is such that any work related to the metal this year is akin to gilding with gravestone gold: it seems to bought a couple of corners and profile pipe, and there are no salaries.

In general, since we voluntarily lost the garage for the extension of the workshop (I will tell about it separately), and the entire park of my tools and machines need to be pressed somewhere, it was decided to organize at least some kind of garage. At least in the form of a canopy, and closer to winter to inspire it.

Naturally, I did not immediately throw in construction without intelligence prices for metal, I did not, so drinking a couple of Litres of Valeriance and Novopasita, went to the nearest market of building materials with a list of iron demands. In the market, by the way, quiet yes smooth: among frankly bored sellers, rarely rarely run the buyers with such eyes 👀.

She showed a list to the first seller of metal products, and asked to issue a final amount. After 5 minutes, when the amount was voiced to me, I realized that Valerianca drank a few liters less than required. A couple of scars on the heart remained for sure, for for the metal I counted 152.000 rubles.

One hundred fifty two thousand !!!

And now the most interesting begins. It turns out such a price increase is not happy and the manufacturers themselves. They perfectly understand that profit profit, but the demand from ordinary people fell so much that the black metal at the price of platinum almost no one buys. The construction season in a month and a half will end, in the fall and in winter no one buys anything, so the metallurgists will be like bears in Berlogs — suck the paw.

What made up manufacturers.

At least we have in Magnitogorsk.

MMK, bypassing all intermediaries and Outbov, decided to open its own trading points, and sell metal to the population in its factory prices.

In general, the trade in the metal is very interesting. If a person comes to the Petomkombinat and tell me I want to buy metal for your greenhouse, then it will be politely challenged:

Pass, please, in a one-day walking route.

The plant sells hundreds and thousands of tons and

The large-scale groties are thrown about 10% for the work and scatter metal over wholesale bases. Those put another 20% and sell it to retailers sitting in the construction markets. Those also from generous germination of 15-20%. Total price grows about 40-70%.

This year, in view, you yourself know what, everyone decided to be reinsured and not 10-15%, but a little more, 20-30%, or even 50%. This situation frightened many, and it was necessary to solve it somehow.

The plant decided to open his retail points. And one of them, by a happy chance, was 300 meters from my house. Closer only in the yard.

This is a big hangar, inside which is full

Just a holiday of some kind!

From 1 profile stick 20 * 20 or a corner to several tons. And even deliver this metal to home for free (three days a week).

As soon as I learned about this point, I immediately drove up, and asked to calculate … You know what was the final amount?





Not guess!


How, well, that’s how it can be! In the same city, the price of the same metal differs by 2.7 times!

Of course, this is cool, and thank you very much, which decided to somehow support people. It has long been necessary to get rid of such a heap of intermediaries, but …

Maybe it should be done before.