Maybe ancestors were geniuses, but something they did not think over: the shortcomings of the house in the old Ural village, with whom we encountered


Of course, it is stupid to expect that the house bought by us in the ancient Ural village will be a three-story brick mansion, with septic, gas, jacuzzi and billiards on Summer Mansard. This is an ordinary log house with economic buildings, the main purpose of which to give reliable shelter, protection and heat to people and animals.

The builders thought about the comforts of his inhabitants to the very last. And in vain … After all, many moments could be foreseen and this seriously facilitated the life of the past inhabitants of the house.

And today, too, 😎.

So, with what we had to face, and what no … weekly … Dims and Dumas would have to correct.

Roof races on both sides.

On the one hand, it is great, since high roofs protect the inner space from the wind and other bad weather. But on the other … All the sediments — snow and rain are accurately in the courtyard.

And if the small summer rain of serious inconvenience does not deliver, then in winter, snow from the rocks of the roof is sliding with huge films right into the yard:

The owner of the house has to wave a shovel, like a terminator robot, twice as much. It would be possible to buy a snow removal machine, but in a narrow yard with roofs at 3.5 meters there will be no sense from it. Therefore, smile and Masha … Masha … Masha …

Perfectly smooth yard without a slope one way.

It is not possible to make a bias right now on its own forces, you have to wait for the summer, disassemble the boards, fall asleep all the sand, make drainage and lay the tile. The volume of work is to be serious and according to the materials and actually by working time.


If you do in the mind, the door must be transferred to the right — then the snow and rain will not fall at the legs at all. Yes, and it would be more convenient to enter the house: opened the wicket at the gate and immediately before you the door to the house itself.

The foundation of the house is made of stones.

He walks on the ground, and in those places where the soil is slightly weaker, it seems gradually down. Over time, it is fraught with the fact that the house can go in the literal sense.

Builders are not soared at all with the floor level in the house. In our house, the difference between the highest point and the lowest — 16 centimeters is 7 meters of length (this is clearly visible in the photo). And this is not the biggest differential, in some homes in our country, you can ride the floor on sledding or skating (if you turn off the heating and pour it with water).

In many houses in the village, including in our, Hytekhnolodzhikal Utilisayyshn Systems (toilet type Sortier) is located on the street.

Well, how not to remember one bearded joke. The granddaughter comes to the grandmother to the village, she looked around the house and asked:

So where can you go here in the evening?

in a bucket, granddaughter!

No, of course, many with time made a bouncing to the houses and have warm toilets, even the washing and bathrooms, but in the original form of the house there are only one vector of motion — for an angle in a small milking cabin. During a snowstorm or at ambient air temperature, 50 degrees are lower than on Canar or Maldives, all things are done in the bucket.

Drain from the house right to the ground.

Do you think only in the Black Sea resorts all cochai flow into the sea? In the village, everything is the same! What are there septic tanks, leases, sewage facilities and other excesses, I beg you …

The majority takes the gray sewer pipe through the basement, they make a small pit, throw a couple of rubble and voila a couple of Void and Voila — the sewage facilities of an individual scale are ready.


For example, in our Rustic House of 16 meters deep, water level is 6 meters, the pump is shipped by 12 meters. And now we’ll think about what is happening in this water, if 8 meters from the well is located in the house, 10 meters away toilet type «Black Hole in Earth», another 12 meters neighborborn Corovnik.

And we still have our own well. They didn’t use the old owners so far … It is clear why, since it is dropped from the house from him in … 2 meters, toilet in 5, and a neighborbobnik at 10. And it is not only here, and almost All. Sadness and sadness.

So it goes. There is a couple of months before the summer and we will fight with these shortcomings.