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My most controversial tool: can fly a year on the shelf, but there are tasks only for him

Half of my acquaintances from this tool is sleeping and says that this is a complete nasty, which is not capable of anything. Another half bezes from delight and says that this is a crown of human creation, and only thermonuclear reactor on fast neutrons is better.

What is this unknown beast?


Let’s garlic!

The first time I saw it — it was a presentation in the telegano. A smiling man hooked such things to them, probably, only the omelet was not whipped. I immediately wanted so much.

But, seeing the price, and kissing green toad, I realized that such a purchase does not shine to me. There was no money for him.

This year I bought it. And just because it was necessary to make two things around the house, which no other tool was capable of. So my love for him is a marriage by calculation.

Why is the devolt?

Everything is very simple: a couple of months ago I bought a screwdriver with a set of batteries, so it makes sense to collect a set of tools of one manufacturer. Well, even in me spoke old Jew: the price tag of the devolt among all professional tools is the most pleasant.

So why is half people sleep from this tool?

Yes, because they do not know what it really needs it!

In everything is to blame for advertising, which creates the visibility that this is a universal tool: they can be grinding large areas, you can cut the kilometers of the rifle meters of wood and metal …

Alas, he is not capable of it!

My friend was indignant for so long that this thing is not capable of anything. But when I asked what he did to them, the answer I just missed me: he wanted to cut off the pieces of fittings, which were sticking out of the foundation!

This tool is needed for microresons: for example, cut through the slot screws, grind in the corner of the sovereign, to cut the laminate or plinth. An attempt to cut off a kilometer of the board by this baby is akin to tantalum flour.

What can I say good and not good about this tool?

I will start traditionally from the good:

He is powerful.



He is small.

Includes the pinks, the nozzle for grinding and the essay sheets themselves.

He is brushless.

System to quickly shift equipment.

This is a damn convenient tool.

Now let’s talk about bad. Well, about disadvantages:


Low consumables.

It is cut through several holes in the drywall, the aluminum threshings are cut off and two screws with a thickness of 5 mm. As you can see in the center of the canvas, five teeth are already good enough.

So it is impossible to use this web for metal — only on wood. And it is worth it, notice, 1900 rubles! When I decided to buy a spare and saw the price tag, I made a conclusion for myself:

Well, nafig!

Exactly the same Chinese cost 200 rubles, and according to the assurance of the masters it is the same if not better.

No suitcase — only a cardboard box.

The suitcase is not so expensive. How can I wear it? Throw in another box and then look for? Or is it implied that the box will constantly lie on the shelf?

Greed — poor quality.

So, what do we have on bare outcome? By itself, the tool is taking. We can use it

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