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No need for expensive machines when there is a head, hands and garage: the business of one master, to whom Polillor goes

Two years ago, my friend Sergey was presented for the birthday of a miracle of Chinese engineering thought — distiller.

Why chinese?

Everything is very simple: it is made in China, Chinese hands on Chinese technologies. That is, in the passport there were such characteristics that they would have envied the zeper. Only underwear was not washed and did not wash himself! But, as always with the Chinese products, the execution rocked. It was a sloping design, from very thin steel, which played with the slightest pressed finger. Yes, what is there, her scary was in the hands of taking.

But it looked cool!

And, in order not to offend friends, he decided to go back-elegacy in a week. Filled all the necessary fluids, put on the stove and went to watch TV … From pleasant embraces, Morpheus pulled it out … I snatched … the explosion of monstrous power.

All the insides of the distillator became appearance, and the fragrant stuffing was opened with a smooth layer in the kitchen, parts of the corridor and even splashhed into a pickled window.

But the most, naturally, was not lucky to the brilliant device itself: the cover was torn off the vessel chlipping loops and she, breaking through the stretch ceiling and steam-bearing, went into the insulation of the insulation.

The next day, Sergey appeared at work with swollen eyes and a little sour inch, who followed him from the cabinet to the Cabinet. The first thing came to the workshop to the welders with the question:

Will it be possible to repair this engineering creation?

To which he almost a chorus answered:

We are not welded such foil. Drive on a similar address to my wife, he will do everything. But … better emissions.

Sergey did not throw out a gift, and after the change he asked me to get him to his wife. So we met.

Eugene — a single master who did not build a big business, does not think about expanding the production, delegation of powers, scale scaling, does not buy millions and equipment … It has his head, golden hands and garage.

And this is enough enough to not just earn, but to earn very well.

Zhenya is a welder-argon mechanic, which can be fed literally everything, a distiller cover, scooter, a plug on a bicycle, seam on a «particularly responsible tank from the Chinese foil» and … Even after the broken pallet from Ferrari. The car on special order was brought to the city on the car carrier.

But the owner of the twist did not consider that his Pontoobil was a little lower than the lid from the sewer hatch protruding from the asphalt. It was a direct jamb of our roadmakers, which did not assume that real Ferrari would be riding in the Ural roads, and not Dzhigar 70s with speiled springs.

The man broke the car in the first of his ride through the Ural city. The case is non-warranty, and to the nearest dealer of 1,500 kilometers. For repair, he counted a little more than a million. Zhenya repaired this cover for 6 thousand.

In a small room there is a table, workbenches, a rack with cylinders and welding machines, a variety of hand tools and snaps are hanging on the walls.


This is enough to build a queue to the master every day. Zhenya pickyly inspects the brought fragments, calls the period and you can leave with a calm conscience, knowing that everything will be ready. Sometimes, if there is time and there is no big load, a small order is boiled immediately on the spot.

I asked the Master:

-What, how about orders?

-How how? 10 years on vacation was not! Everything is clogged.

I often write in the comments:

It is not survived now!

Washers everywhere full!

-Normal money to get unreal!

You know, all this is complete nonsense. When you are a man and you are responsible for yourself and your family, you have a head and hands inserted into the necessary technicians, then you can have a good earnings in the most common garage with a minimum of tools.

Such a man has full right with pride to talk:

«The owner of his destiny, and everything depends on me.»

And do not even try to assure me in the opposite!

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