Okrew and abuned: What a dear Finnish house built by Finns on the Southern Urals


Good day, friends!

Not only private developers, future or real owners of cottages, the builders themselves, and even architects, designers are sacred believe that there are three conditions for the construction of a high-quality and reliable home:

And all this is true, if the house is designed without flaws, the high-quality materials were delivered, and the house was an experienced brigade, and even under the control of an independent expert … That is 99% the house will not deliver any hassle to its owner.

But each technology of housekeeping has its own minuses.

Absolutely each! There is not a single material that would not have any drawbacks. Maybe in the distant future, humanity will come up with something eternal and unreasonable, but so far there is, that is.

Naturally, there are drawbacks and frame houses, and even those who were brought from the Finnish itself, are collected by Finnish and for which they were not at all Finnish money. And they, indeed, was the mind-CA-CA.

What is most afraid of frame, and any wooden house?

Moisture and condensate!

This is how these two dummy friends look:

Theoretically, if the project is competent, the material is high-quality, the brigade has the minimum experience of building the sumps, and does not sharpen the tooth on the future owner of the house, then there should be no problems.

Judge for yourself.

According to the project, the thickness of the patter of the insulation of walls in the house is 250 mm. What the eyes! From the inside, everything is stitched with plasterboard, tightened with thick blue film with a thickness of 200 microns, and something else and the reinforced foil foam (such a foam with foil).

All joints are carefully sampled by a special Delta Scotch, the windscreen is made outside and everything is sewn with OSB plates.

Where to take moisture from if the tree passed the chamber drying, and the lower bar is impregnated, and it was brought to the place of construction in special packages?

And she appeared!

And appeared in such a quantity that the owner in the literal sense stood a puddle!

When we opened the wall section and part of the ceiling, they could not be kept and frown. We were not morally ready for the fact that the dear Finnish house, insulated and assembled in all the rules of frame house-building, will be shipped by moisture, turning into «snowmen» on wooden structures and ice on the trim.

The insulation is a prime so that it could be squeezed.

Guess what was the reason for the formation of condensation?

At first they thought that the brigade was hijacked … Finns! The owner gathered all the most famous obscene vocabulary (including in Finnish) to the brigade. But it turned out to be premature. In order to understand what the cause of the trouble was lifted and the part of the wall of the frame house from the inside was disassembled.

Only then everything became clear!

Finnish house, or rather his part of the neighbors … Ordinary Ural field mouse, which spit all the joint venture, codes, expertise and high-quality materials around their little tail!

In the fall, with the first cold, when gray brethren understands that there is nothing more to catch in the fields, the mice decide to move into warm edges. Naturally, not to Turkey and not in Egypt (although, in my opinion, it would be the best way out). Mice are rushing at home.

The skeleton, which opened with me, has a ventzor, but it is protected by a metal grid. The mouse climbed into the house from the inside! The owner often left the terrace of the open and the mouse went to the dear Finnish house as to his home!

Mink Jerry made in the warm place — in the boiler room, which, by the way, has a shared wall with a kitchen. Therefore, warm and devoured to the mouse in one bottle. And then the case of the technique: she simply sprayed in some places of vapor barrier and foam.

In one section, three entrance holes were found and a small undue space for the future mink. The mouse wanted to prevent full, with feeling, with a sense, with the arrangement. But … it didn’t work out, after a few days a cat caught her. The story of Tom and Jerry ended.

But the owner from this was not easier!

So, in vaporiozolation there were drokes, water vapor and warmly began to go to the insulation and deposit on the windshield and the trim. OSB is not so vapor permeable to produce so many moisture through itself. In severe frost, the process went faster, and when we were awarded the February Thaw in +4 degrees, everything began to actively melt and flow into the house.

Fix what a small mouse did not a problem. They laid a latch, sinking scotch, replaced Phaneur, Minvatu and windproof. The problem is different, the owner with fear is waiting for the next autumn. And suddenly again …