On the advice, the girlfriend left the office to the dirt: for which the girl at the construction site pay 100 thousand a week


In Russia, traditionally it is believed that the lot of women sit in shopping galleries and politely talk:

Can I help you?

Or do something good in the office, receiving a salary of 15-20 thousand. Women billionaires, and even simply earning women, units are an exception to the rules. However, recently such exceptions is becoming more and more. And about one of them I would like to tell today.

Valeria, quite successfully worked in a warm and cozy office, a large team, friendly sites, tea, candy and other attributes of quiet life were available. The salary leadership was also offended — was much higher than the average temperature

Life has developed, many do not even dream about such sleep, what else do you need?

But there is such a category of people who are forever irreparable, always looking for something, the soul of which asks forces or adventures on … Well, you understood. In general, another would be a pension in the office and held his hands and legs for their salary.

But once Valery met a friend who left his work and opened his ceramics studio. Life has changed dramatically — instead of boredom and routine everything is new, but he lost a little in income, but it is all in your hands.

I will not retell the heroine «spiritual flour» for a long time, but the girl should pay tribute to the courage — she wrote a statement and left. Left off the office …

To the construction!

There is not a real estate agent, not a zerklad, not a member and not even a sweeter.


She became a designer designer, and one of the best in the city. Pictures, painting, mosaic, bas-reliefs, stucco — yes, yes, yes it’s all it makes it yourself.

Well, to earn 100 thousand a week, in fact, it is not necessary much. Just have a taste and talent, know all the current trends in the decor, the properties of all materials, surfaces, paints, putty, mastic, to understand all the innovations of the construction market … and yes, to fulfill several hundred orders.

Only then, having a huge portfolio over the shoulders and the queue of customers ahead, the girl was able to raise prices for his services and become the best in the city.

And people are ready to pay! No one wants to receive repair spoiled by Jamshuts at 500 — 700 and more than thousands, so professional services are very well paid.

Of course, there is such work and its shortcomings: you have to walk at all in fashionable shoes, guches, gabans and other wittons, but in the «concert tullery» and sportswear and comfortable sneakers, instead of gold and diamonds in the hands of Valeria spatula of all the masters, Tassels, Mastichens, textured rollers. Well, no one has canceled the weather whims: sometimes you have to work on the street, in the cold, heat …

But let’s think together, the success of a woman in this life is not at all to wear expensive things and shine next to the husband-businessman who risen on the resale of Chinese goods.

It seems to me that a person can say:

I achieved success

Only when he is needed, he and his work is in demand. And with this, Valeria has no problems. This week she finishes the finish of the facade of our workshop (I will write about it) and even now, it is good, it is good so that passing by the motorists involuntarily slow down, without expecting to see such beauty in simple (absolutely not elite) cottage village.

And the next day it is waiting for her new facility — you need to do a big bas-relief in the townhouse. Wife asked Valery:

And you do not regret what you left work for free bread?

Not a drop.

What is morality? Morality is simple: if you suffer long — something will turn out. And if seriously, sending your efforts to something one, you can become a master and your services will be paid on the highest bar. I think it’s so everyone is understandable.