«Only a fool holds in the village of chickens.»


Egg, Malko, Jurik, Schnaps — four whales, on which any rustic economy holds. This indisputable fact was understood by the Germans in the 41st, though they were not lucky with an attempt to priority, they were departed.

They also understand those who are trying to leave the city to the village, and in their sweet dreams see themselves in the middle of a big ranch, surrounded by cows, goats, chicken and other livestock.

Of course, it’s nice when every morning you go to the Saratika, kicking the zooms to ventilate, pull your hand into a soft, pliable, smelling meadow grass, rain and sun hay. And there is a real treasure:

Omelet on a home egg and milk or yaishkee with a loaf, greens, tomatoes (preferably also from his garden) — exactly what can make any mad and stay in the village forever.

In general, you understood me — chickens and an egg — this is the first thing to go in the village.


And here is not!

Paradoxically, but the fact, at least we have in the southern Urals, the chickens are kept less and less.

As many people already know, we bought an old house in the village. The first thing under demolition will go old srates, which and looked will fall. Then the bath. But I didn’t even have to demolish the chicken coop of me even in my thoughts … I really wanted rustic eggs.

The other day a neighbor looked at her, I told him about my plans and he sorrified me:

Sleeps are chicken!

-Why? And egg, chickens?

-What chickens, nafig, nafig them!

-In the sense of nafig? I’m going to move to the village for this!

-Are you sick? There are more unpretentious birds. Go look who holds what!

For the sake of interest, I went looked with a neighbor. It runs a few chickens, but in general I would not say that there are a lot of them in the village. Do you know what animal keep most?

Geese and indulge!

With chickens, it turns out too much for trouble. And since the rustic is completely leaving on the watch, then nobody wants to mess around with the churars. The most trouble-free in the village are geese.

First, the eggs have such that some may envy the African Ostrich!

Do not believe?

And please:

Secondly, meat in geese, let it not be so soft, like a shop chicken fillet, but also rustic chickens are also not perina. And in terms of benefits in goose meat, much more useful substances.

Thirdly, chickens are now going to completely weak and painful, you need to care for them constantly. In the village behind them, you need an eye and the eye, then Fox, then Falcon, then the dog will solve the chick-tapak to themselves agitated around the corner. Chickens need to often vaccinate, feed antibiotics, always some part of them do not live to adult.

Fourth, from an economic point of view, the eggs carry eggs only then it is advantageous when they are feeding them with a feed. At the foot of the stern, as many people think, the chickens are declared a strike and the doors of the smokehouse write in large letters:

Wear yourself!

Broiler is also another attraction called permanent hemorrhoids.

Therefore, in the Urals, many rustic people quite reasonably reasoned: all these flaws are devoid of geese, ducks and indiges.

They are breeding!

What is the first that the second thing is that the third are born strongly, all are hatched, they grow not by day, but by the hour, they have an egg … Well, I have already spoken about the envy of ostrich. Those are really a complex compared to our gours.

But, most importantly, it is advantageous to distinguish geese from chickens — they do not need feed.

Is there grain? Will just be grain!

No even grain? Geese include their built-in lawn mowers and pluck the grass at such a speed that any huscvar will envy.

And at the same time they rushing! The egg is of course.

They don’t even need rivers, you can simply pour sand, but if there is a reservoir, then for the gours it is just a gift and a place for additional feeding. Broth, meat, and in general, the Christmas (New Year’s) goose is cool, much more tastier Kuryatina’s happened. His weight, by the way, is also about-go.

Even with us, in the cottage village 3 km. From the city, many began to hold geese, and chase them to pinch grass on the wasteland near the bypass road. In Bashkiria, in general, many just abandoned the chickens and dilute only geese.

Do you keep chickens or also switched to geese?