Random buying in a deaf village ached unemployed to work

Each person, no matter a man or woman, looking for his job. What he can devote his life without a balance. Unfortunately, some this does not work, something is missing. But sometimes fate itself wants a person to succeed and tells him the right road.

So at the hero of my today’s story, he tried to engage in many, dulling throughout the country, was in Kamchatka, in Yakutia, Sakhalin, from all Siberia, but he was able to find his life thanks to a random purchase in a deaf village.

Zufar since childhood wanted to engage in agriculture, growing plants therefore entered the agrotechnical engineering. But his dream was not destined to come true, his release coincided with the collapse of the country and instead of the dream, a more pressing question arose:

How to feed the family?

Many people remember that at the beginning of the 90s, the collective farms were broken at the time, the peasants in the villages did not live — they survived. Therefore, Zufar hit the trade. As I said, he was from all over the country, but in the end, he returned to the Urals. Bought a small house in the village nearest to the city and opened a carpentry workshop there.

In the workshop, he made a different decor for gardens and sites: wells, mills, did not hurt and the manufacture of the simplest furniture. I sold my creations in the flea market. However, over time, the demand for furniture fell and was in search of customers to ride in the village markets, a weekend fairs. But it became harder and harder to earn bread.

Everything has changed due to … Barter!

One day an old man was held at the fair past his furniture. So he liked the furniture, but there was not enough money. And then he suggested to change: stools for money, and he will give the remainder of the amount. For the set of furniture, the old man gave Zofara a few blue firings of a very rare and expensive variety.

Returning from the village, Zufar went to the city market and set fir for sale. What was his surprise when, in half the afternoon, ate was rejected, and at a very good price. The next day, he went back to the village, found that old man and asked him to sell him else. But he was able to sell only three seedlings.

It is from these seedlings that the whole life of a real man began.

Zufar decided not to sell rare trees, but to grow them and get bumps. After some time, fir, rare pines and several hundred trees were added to the firings.

The site had to expand urgently — 20 acres were not enough. He was a hectare of the earth, the good of the small house of the man is on the outskirts of the village. Yes, and local residents were themselves interested in this endeavor.

So the private nursery of rare trees, shrubs and plants appeared. He is already 25 years old — a quarter of a century works in his site a man who, thanks to the unusual exchange, has gained a matter of all his life. This lesson takes all his time, trade and the workshop had to close.

Who knows about the nursery with pleasure comes here behind the trees that can be bought in garden centers for very much money. Zufar sells them almost three times cheaper.

Someone will say:

What a fool! Could earn good money.

Could! Could ride on Mercedes, walk in an expensive costume. Only this tinsel he does not need. After all, it is actually not a benefit at all, and no profit is moving at all.

This man found his job, found the purpose of his life. And for a real person, a person with a capital letter, it is much more important than expensive robberies. Only a favorite thing gives a person simple everyday happiness.

It may be this article and turned out to be unnecessarily pathetic and relaxing. Maybe I frowning stick. Well, let! When you get acquainted with such people, you understand what the country holds on them.

As always, thank you for reading this article to the end …

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