Reliable way to protect the profile tube from rust for 90 years: invented in Australia, brought to mind in Russia


They say when a person first created a profile pipe, a little girl appeared on Earth on the names of Rust. Since then, the profile tube and rust — inseparable girlfriends. Only welded a beautiful staircase from the profile tube, did not have time to look back, and the rust is already sitting on it. When a person created stainless steel. Rust was offended and called his grandmother to help — corrosion.

Well, okay, it’s just a joke. But for each joke there is a stupid such a piece of truth. Metal rust and not to go anywhere, so the metal needs to be protected so that a little girl named the rust come to visit him.

Methods of such protection are invented a million. But about one method, which appeared thanks to the pofigism of some and the genius of others, I will tell you today. If you think that pofigism is associated with Russia — you are deeply mistaken. There is another people who survived us in this lesson.

This is Australian!

Yes, yes, yes, the very, which go upside down with almost the southern poles, live next to Kangaroo and suffer from rabbits. But most of all they suffer from lack of water. The least of all sources of fresh water is located on the southern coast of Australia. And the government decided to spend a long water supply line from thick-walled iron pipes of large diameter to the southern shore of the country.

Engineers warned that where there is an open metal, the same bad girl is always settled. The government said:

We have no rainy for decades. There will be nothing with the pipe.

And the water supply of a long 460 kilometers by a shock pace was built. Just imagine, the fleet of the pipe with a protected thin layer of pofigism. Three days after cutting a red ribbon, congratulatory speeches and starting the water supply … I went raining.


After 3 months, the authorities grabbed the head: according to forecasts, there would be nothing left for 7 years from the pipes. The girl would have eaten her entirely. Plus, there were local papuats, which specifically poured the pipe with water — they quickly estimated that the pipe does not like water.

Officials called engineers and put the original

-How to be and what to do?

You understand yourself to disassemble the pipe and make it in a hot zinc — not an option. So a special cold-zinc composition was developed, which defended the metal from rust. The plumbing was painted by this composition of 3.5 years. Crowd of people manually. Tassels and rollers in the heat just below +50.

How many kind words the government learned about himself — not to convey words!

But the composition turned out to be so effective that the water supply without a single leakage serves so far. Grandfather already 79 years old, and he is like new! However, on this, the history of the breakthrough ends.

Forgot about it for 40 years!

They remembered only in 1981, when, in the Urals, one of the employees of the Academy of Sciences was able to repeat and even improve this composition. Its effectiveness was so great that in 1984 it was developed and adopted by GOST 9.305-84. You understand, for ordinary people, such compounds were not available.

With the collapse of the USSR about the method of anti-corrosion processing of metal with a cold zinc almost forgotten. In industry, it was used, and in everyday life, private house-building about him almost no one heard. Maximum what people do: paint the profile tube in the cheapest soil 3-in-1 in Rust, Hammertip or Ticcurila.

Meanwhile, bottles with a soil of cold galvanizing appeared on sale. The article is not advertising, so the manufacturer will not say anything: they are 7 or 8, all of our Russian and all the composition are the same on the basis of the old Soviet GOST.

For processing any profile or other other pipe, sheet metal, rolled, corner, etc. It is enough to do only 4 actions:

Metal treated with such coating will be guaranteed to be protected from corrosion for 90 years. For the sake of the experiment, I painted three profile pipes with such soil, poured water and left them on the street.

The result you see pictures. Where there is no processing, the girl rust has already begun their bad things. The lower pipe was additionally scratched with nail — there are no rust and in risen.