Session of glass magic with exposure: who is the «glass fairy tale»


As promised, once on the channel we are with you 5,000 people, let’s get acquainted.

«Glass fairy tale» on Yandex.Dzen is the official channel of a small art glass workshop from the very pure city of the Chelyabinsk region — Magnitogorsk (state statistics can not lie).

Our workshop has been working for more than 6 years, we have sintering glass (fusing), stained glass windows (film and tiffany), mosaic. Now five people work in our workshop: Actually, the main master handwriter, who is responsible for the design, production, purchase, sales, live communication with people, holding master classes, training and hundreds of business — Natalia.

In addition to her, four her husband work in the workshop: the one who left is responsible for the photograph, to the right — for advertising on the Internet (including for the management of this blog), sitting on the stone takes children to school and from school. And the Burning Tree — I do not even know than, Lazy, everyone wants to expel, but do not decide on the open conflict.

So, we are glad to welcome you to the canal, we express our sincere and genuine thanks that you find the time to read.


The channel was created on February 11, and daily articles on it began to appear only after 10 days. Therefore, the real birthday of the canal is February 21. The channel was created «on the dispute» — I argued with my wife: I can or not. Smog.

Traveling through the pages of Zen, I often stumble upon articles, where it tells how much one or another, the author earned on his channel. To be honest, I crit from such articles: in fact, this is the receipt that the author came here to make money on his readers, only it interests him. I can not, I do not want, and there were no such articles on this channel and never will be.

But there are two things that I can truly be proud of.

The first is the so-called author’s karma, which shows his place among others like that.

IIIAIEEEEEH, it’s cool! I am glad as a child. I never expected that it could be, given the fact that I finished the Faculty of Philology (in the specialty I am a teacher of history, literature, Russian language) 20 years ago and the Russian language forgot Capital! I often admit completely stupid and unforgivable mistakes.


And the second reason for pride:

This is you, my dear readers. I can not say that I love absolutely everyone. Some comrades who are not at all comrades, I want, as in that anecdote, «calculate on IP» and do something bad with them, and several times in a row. Therefore, squalsnoshnov and people who are trying to offend everyone and everything, to get anger on the net on others, I always send to a day trip to the ban.

But if a person has a completely different point of view on any question or problem, and he expressed her correctly and in essence, then I always agree with him and even often Laika. For it is his point of view and, quite possible, he is right, not me. And even it was several times so that I was relieved and took the point of view of another person.

And you can always talk — only

I often reproach that I am writing on completely different themes that are sometimes very far from the glass.

Yes it is.

But life itself is very diverse, and by the nature of their activities, on trips, at fairs and festivals, in creating things from glass, even just in the household sphere I have to deal with very interesting things. Naturally, I want to tell about them, share. That is, not to earn, not to comprehend money from Zen on reading, but it is «share.»

As the earnings of Zen for us, not the main source, driving force — interest. Therefore, if I get tired of writing, I will not suck the themes of the finger for the sake of earnings, but just close the canal, honestly saying: «Thank you all, it was great, but it’s time to disperse!». I hope this will never happen.

I never try to give myself for an «expert expert», a lucky businessman or a «enlightened guru». In many moments, I am a full corn and very often «for the scenes» Natalia scolds me for the mistakes and inaccuracies (I, of course prevented that it is offended and in general, it should be, but I correct the shoals).

The most important thing is that you will never see on the pages of my channel:

What will happen:

And, yes, thank you so much that you read! So all this is not in vain …

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