Glass for the people abashment,acquest,agglomerated,apodal,autovac,crepitant,downfall,fire-fang,grain-exchange,hipster,monsignor,moppet Soviet drink, from which Americans and Germans are crazy, it is believed that this is the taste of Russia

Soviet drink, from which Americans and Germans are crazy, it is believed that this is the taste of Russia

There was a few decades ago, such a sport on the foreign policy arena, when the USSR and the United States measured everyone than only.

I do not even know how it was called, but they measured capital. One will make something cool, the second tries to surpasses: our gagarin sent into space, the Americans were drunk and sort of people conquered (but this is not exactly), they were faced with our Vietnam, and those in Afghanistan were found. And such a competition with a knife behind the back was in all areas, including in the product.

It reached an anecdote when Uncle Chrou-Hru got lost on the GMO-Corn field of the American Farmer Gasta, after which he came to us and gave a task: I want to get lost in the same field, only here, and preferably in Yakutia.

Nuuuu, about the corn — all knows the queen of the fields, and about one very interesting drink know a little less, but about the fact that the units are now known with him now.

It is «Baikal» I will not tell a long time about how and where it was created — many know it. The only thing, I will say that, as an answer, the Bourgeois «Coca-Cole» and «Pepsi», our drink came out at least, no worse.

The combination of the essential oils of the Hypericum, Eleutherokokka, licorice root, a leaf of a laurel, eucalyptus, lemon and pine kidney sheets instead of a century of chemistry and a wild amount of sugar looks much greater than the winning chemistry.

Many thought that with the collapse of the USSR, our drink also soaked in the bose. But it is not. Soviet formulation uses the Russian Manufacturer «Aqualife» (Chernogolovka). By the way, he sells it to many other manufacturers of drinks, so you should not be afraid of chemistry — «Baikal» practically no one forgives — there is no special economic meaning.

Almost all attempts to bring «Baikal» to the external market ended unsuccessfully. With the exception of one … two … no, still one.

In 2007, at the international exhibition of industrial and grocery goods «Baikal» was represented by foreign industrialists. Someone liked someone, someone was so-so, but the representatives of the two peoples roused so that they … like that boil on glass gamble. These were the Germans and Americans — they were so accustomed from taste and composition that they immediately wanted to acquire the right to exclusive sale.

But here the «higher strength» and American «comrades» were intervened with their own more high-ranking comrades hinted:

In the United States, there are two types of sweet water, which are all divided among themselves, so the third one is superfluous.

Therefore, the Americans, as they have traditionally, they have taken their words back, and refused to cooperate. In general, our rolled.

But the Germans clung to the gas composition from Russia tightly and … organized their production under license. Do you know how is it called «Baikal»? It is believed that this name fully conveys the taste of Russia:

Wostok — East!

True, the Germans were a little finalized the formulation, in particular, excluded from the composition of the drink from the beverage, because it is believed that men often have problems that do not have to arise.

For everything else, «Baikal» is strongly respected, in particular for the lack of caffeine and minimal sugar.

So those Germans and Americans who often come to Russia, with pleasure they drink our domestic, semale «Baikal», but never take him homeland.

The first because they have this drink, is produced and quite popular, and the second because … yes therefore. Well, okay, these are their personal problems.

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