Summer Trade to be: 4 of the most profitable for the masters of the event announced their conduct


Last year I remember all of us as the year of the «Great Seating». Already from the spring it was clear that the summer trafficking needlewomen and artisans could not count. All winter, crosant fingers, we sat and waited, waited for ads on the start of preparation for sign fairs and festivals.

For our region, at least for those who live in the Southern Urals, are 3 festivals and 1 a huge fair, which «cut» almost a thousand kilometers, but almost everything goes, for rarely some event can compare with it.

Cossack culture festival Zlata Gorka (Zlatoust, June 13).

But the atmosphere of festivities, relaxation and the village of residents of the city and the surrounding villages, towns and even Chelyabinsk provide good sales. With this festival, we discover summer trading for themselves. There was not a single year so that we left from this event without a good earnings. The blacksmiths, masters of folk art crafts, artists are actively coming here. Take almost everyone. Venue — Bazhov Mountain Park.

Bushiev Festival (Zlatoust, July 16-18).

The only thing that can prevent good trade is the weather. Locals are joking that the weather in the city is so changed that they were born with umbrellas in their hands.

The 28th All-Russian Bazhov Festival (Demarino, June 18-20).

The Chinese commodities are actively fighting with merchants, although the latter often go to any tricks, just to get to the festival. What is completely no wonder, since thousands of visitors come with a very specific goal: buy something exclusive of handmade. Accordingly, sales are very good.

The only thing that depresses is — the absence of opportunities for participants normally wash and terrible dust from thousands of human legs, which covers all the glades and forest. All this dust settles on products and packaging. Many needlewomen, then we will scatter dust from tents, boxes, dolls, things, erase, wash, and sometimes they simply emit or give. So you need to be prepared for full autonomy — stocking with water, products, gas.

All-Russian Spasskaya Fair (Elabuga, August 6-8).

Awesome organization, welcoming reception, city and event that fall in love with the first time. They fall in love so much that you think: do not move to us here.

The only one should remember that this is a fair, not a handmade festival, therefore, in the shopping orders, the masters are on a par with merchants to all than just possible. But the visitors of the fair gathers so much that the population of the city for these three days is increasing ten times. Rarely, who leaves here without good earnings.

Naturally, all of the above far does not exhaust summer trading. Over 2,000 festivals, concerts and fairs for the summer are held throughout Russia. Some of them are specialized, that is, it is aimed at trade, part of the masters simply provide a massive (we do not come to such such).

We do not know about many, you can share you. Tell us what festivals and fairs are held in your regions?