Glass for the people abashment,acquest,agglomerated,apodal,autovac,crepitant,downfall,fire-fang,grain-exchange,hipster,monsignor,moppet The battle began behind the poor: «traffic light» opened a new network «Lighthouse» to move «kindly».

The battle began behind the poor: «traffic light» opened a new network «Lighthouse» to move «kindly».

I will come from afar.

Through N-number amount of time, the restaurant reformatted under the establishment of a family format with more democratic prices. Also did not go, some of the restaurant was reduced, and the room on the first floor was given under cooking.

A year later, the family cuisine restaurant realized that in families most often fed cheaper and tastier, and opened a cafe in their indoors. A year later, at the site of the initial elite restaurant, a proud inscription «Dining room» was contemplated. Now the institution flourishes, it is delicious and inexpensive to eat and old and young. And this despite the proximity to McDonalds!

And now let’s remember what happened a few years ago in our trading.

We once dominated the shops in the «At home» format. Many of them were monopolists and put price tags which wanted. People suffered, suffered, tried to look for points where cheaper.

Then the first swallow «Magnit» appeared. It was a breakthrough. In our city even walked such a joke: Magnitogorsk is named this because at every corner there is a magnet shop. Then the «magnet» flinched — in the back of the head, he was breathed «Pyaterochka».

And the war began: where there was a «magnet» nearby «Pyaterochka». In retaliation «Magnit» put another store. Pyaterochka said:


And put two more.

Sometimes on one intersection stood two «magnets» and three «tops». The fact that they drank each other did not worry anyone. But when there were cool stocks, it was possible to see the sellers from the «magnet» walked for purchases in the «pyat stroke». And vice versa. There were even special sellers chats, where employees shared:

We have coffee for kopeck today.

And the bananas were brought to us in stock.

For all this rivalry from top to bottom looked down «Ribbon». She considered himself a chosen for more wealthy people, so the games of the hobbits were not worried.

A few years ago, «Magnet» and «Pyaterochka» shuddered synchronously. Not entirely washed and shaved, which smelled by a discounter with a strange name «traffic light».

People tried for a long time to decide how to treat this store. It seems that prices are pleasant, but … quality. Points above and put a crisis. Therefore, the quality was closed eyes. And the crowds stretched into the traffic police, and many went there on Kruzaki, Audi and Porsche. The rich they are therefore rich that the money can be considered.

On all this, again watched the «ribbon».

Realizing that it was more profitable to work with the poor, «Magnet» and «Pyaterochka» decided to lure all the discounts and promotions. Sometimes dolmi, sometimes not. But they could not surpass the traffic light. Every weekend on the site near this store was built such queues that even grandfather in Mausoleum began to envy.

Then they shuddered everything at once. It appeared «Vozoven. Assortment of sewing, the area of the store is also more, the goods are somehow, the queue in the» traffic light «somehow sharply ended. Instead of a scored area near the store, 5-7 cars are lonely and everything.

A week ago, the third hypermarket opened in our city, which works on the poor «lighthouse.» The same area, the same racks and trade with pallets, a separate refrigerator.

All his chip is that this new network belongs to the owner of the Light Phone Network. The fact is that the «traffic light» realized that the range should be expanded, including at the expense of better and expensive goods. In the old format, such an assortment does not fit and have created a new trading network.

Here you can buy not just rice Kuban or steamed, but rice for pisms, Mistral and national, even immediately with spices. You can purchase vegan products, sushi and Japanese cuisine, more quality mayonnaise and sauces, good pasta, fresh vegetables. That is, everything that is not in the «traffic lights».

The main goal is to relocate some of the buyers who did not suit the very Nishchen format of the old «traffic light» and they went to «Vozozno». And also to lure some of the buyers from the «ribbons», which no longer pull on the secondary class and overpay 50-70% for more comfortable shelves.

And, it seems to me, everything will work out, because at the checkout I met a friend who previously purchased only in Lent. In the conversation she said:

«You know, it’s more pleasant and prices, and the format, otherwise everything is so expensive.

But, I give me that the main war is still ahead, and we are waiting for many new stores of this format. People did not live richer, so this format is all demanding.

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