The daughters asked a craft at school, and his father did from her business.


People come to creating their business with different ways. Someone sits for a long time and thinks, sitting and thinks, thinks and sits. Sometimes it turns out a masterpiece, sometimes a pshik. Some idea comes suddenly, she shoots and man creates a business. Sometimes the idea does not shoot and man creates hemorrhoids.

Well, sometimes a person does not even suspect that it creates a matter that will feed it for many years. He just does, and the idea of business comes later. So it happened to the hero of my today’s article. It all started with the requests of a schoolgirl’s daughter, who poured the folder resting after a shift on his favorite sofa.

The school is such an interesting establishment, which is often to increase the rating and tick in the department of education of the city, likes to puzzle children with all sorts of tasks. Children, for their part, execute these tasks shift on parents. Moreover, as a rule, «puzzling» occurs on Sunday evening, and it is necessary to take this tick for the education department already on Monday.

Passed this? We, too…

In general, in the evening of Sunday, Polina went to the dad, which trampled sofa sibli in the process of viewing the drawer with a luminous screen:



Bird feeder for the competition.


I will not retell the entire storm of emotions, in advance of the doomed to the craft of my father, I will only say that Leonid Pretzhanin. Pretched so much that she slammed the door and went to the garage. Fortunately lived in a private house, which was built with their own hands, so that the garage was furnished with a tool and equipment for the very inconsistency. Yes, and with his hands, Leonid was lucky — they grew in need quantity and in the right places.

That evening Leonid remembers until now: I really wanted to watch a movie, so he tried to do everything as clear as possible and quickly. I got trimming boards, furniture shield and plywood. Sliced on the ending the necessary dimensions, drove onto the Furka, Schlifanlane and screwed 8 screws. I didn’t even have to glue — it would not have time to grab until the morning.

But in an hour, his father entered the daughter’s room, carrying the bird feeders in his hands:

Hold your craft.

Thank you, dad, you are the best.

—Secess. Only you, it sneaks her anything, to attach hands too.

Okay, Papula.

Dad went to watch the movies, and the daughter of the village began to paint the cradle.

On Monday evening, when Leonid returned to work, the work was standing in the hallway:



Well, okay, then we did the first. By the way, you painted very beautifully, I could not.

Do you know what happened next? Two days later, his daughter’s classmate came to Leonid. With an unusual request: Many have seen a beautiful feeder, which Leonid did for her daughter and wanted to themselves the same. In general, for the month of waiting before the start of the competition, Leonid did for the parents of the entire parallel of the 3rd classes of 6 feeders and 2 nestings.

He did, the daughter painted. They had a good creative union. Mom connected to the third feeder to the creative process. She suggested burning out the contours of Pyographer, and suggested several pieces of painting with a daddy tandem.

All feeders and birdhouses photographed and laid out in social networks. After a month of those who wish to buy beautiful houses for birds, it was even debt. But a real breakthrough was the day when Natalia posted photos on Ethsi — a foreign electronic market for handicrafts. On the first day, 5 orders were made, then also, and more …

After seven months, the workshop consisting of Pope, moms and daughters did not cope with orders and the family council decided to officially release the dad from the position of the electrician technique.

The unemployed Leonid has been working on herself for 5 years, issued an IP and worries not to twist the hands along with his wife and one worker. Daughter is happy at school, all his free time devotes to help parents and is preparing for admission to the institute in the specialty design. So simple handicraft for the school competition changed the life of a completely ordinary family from a small provincial town.

P.S. Last year, they opened a small workshop for the manufacture of designer products from the tree and moved closer to Moscow. But that is another story.