The elephant of the beauty of the female body was found in the disclosed Secret of Pharaoh


What do you think, what is the bug in the middle of Egyptian suspension in the middle of the Egyptian suspension and all the figurines of women who will see below? I will not be afraid of you once again — they are connected by the secret of Pharaoh, who could not reveal the scientists, chemists, physics, but was able to a small French manuff.

When the suspension at the end of the 19th century was found in one of the Egyptian tumors, historians considered that the scarab was made from a polished stone — jade. However, for the sake of greater objectivity, they decided to give it to the analysis and what was their surprise when it turned out that the sacred bug was not made of stone, but from glass.

And this piece of glass is a solid — nobody processed it. It is matte even inside.

It turns out in ancient Egypt, owned such a glass processing technology, according to which the glass could be given absolutely any shape and which the Masters-glass diffuse cannot be repeated. An incredible figure showed even masters of the island of Murano, however, they just shrugged:

We do not know such technology.

Reveal the secret of Pharaohs was able to a small Daum Manufactory from the French city of Nancy. It turned out that the scarab was made from the so-called «crystal test», and the secret himself lies in special glass processing.

In order to get such a figure, the master must cut it out in the smallest detail from wax. Then the wax figure is filled with plaster and put to dry. After a very long drying, the gypsum dwarf heats up and the wax follows from it.

At the next stage, the smallest crystal crumb mixed with water and organic glue falls asleep in the resulting emptiness. Further, all this is put in the oven and heats up to the desired temperature: if not guess with the temperature, then the glass crumb or does not grab at all, or linked into a single piece at the very bottom of the tank.

That is, a filigree feeling of material, stoves, temperature is required from the master. The masterpiece from full fiasco can share literally several degrees.

The technology was named Pate de Verre.

Today, this technique is no longer surprised by anyone, almost all the masters of the glasswers know it, but the units are risking with her — such a time-time work is even more likely to spoil everything.

From the moment of disclosure, the secret of manufacturing the scarab has passed a little over 100 years and today the DAUM manufactory is not only perfectly owning this technique, but even in many respects it has improved.

I will not go to the details of the technology, I will tell about one project of the masters of this manufactory.

Each year or even several times a year, the Daum wizard invite you to visit some famous artist or sculptor for collaboration.

And give him a task: draw or cut out the figure of a beautiful woman who does not pay attention to the canons, the rules of morality and other tinsel, which would embody the standard of female beauty.

Creativity and personal vision of the artist in pure form.

After that, this drawing or sculpture is embodied in the glass on the infused by them of the ancient Egyptian technology of sintering glass crumbs.

Each statuette is released only in several copies, it turns out a very expensive limited series, behind which collectors of the whole world chase.

It all depends on the desire of masters and the decision of the leadership: the figures can be from 8 to 375. Why exactly, I do not know. It just has such a rule and that’s it.

It is because of this restriction that each figure costs from 1 million and is a desired dream for collectors. Since the release of the new series, literally several days and everything is already bought.

Thanks to the ancient Egyptian technology, women’s figurines are shining from the inside, especially if they put them under the ray of the Sun, that many owners of figurines are happy to make.