The German tool differs from the same Chinese: a rubber band from the pants and a piece of brass


If you ask any official representative of a large network of tool stores (in our case, it is Curcher) than the tool from the same, but made in China is distinguished. That in 100% of cases you will hear such an answer:


If you ask the same question to ordinary buyers who come to the store for buying a tool, then absolutely everyone will explain for a long time that the German tool is better, more reliable, it is an order of magnitude longer and in general … it is ideal.

Well, if you ask not buyers, official representatives or leadership, but ordinary vendors who are directly engaged in selling and servicing this technique, then you will hear a completely different answer:

elastic from the panties and a piece of brass.

And this last answer will be the most accurate and correct.

Do not believe? I will show you now.

Spring is the time when my swallow Lada Vesta, looks more like a chumasian hedgehog than an elegant bright red wagon. Dirt everywhere — by the roof, so wash the car comes often. Prior to this year, the fleet of the car wash performed the product of the domestic firm «Zubr». Not particularly powerful, not very functional, with a number of small and large jambs, but its function is washing the mud — this device performed.

In the spring of this year, it turned out that the bang everything. Quite everything. The question arose what to buy him to replace. The neighbor recommended Curcher. And I highly warned:

Curchars are released at two factories, in Chinese and nonmetchin. Take only German, it is better assembled and serves longer.

Taking advice on weapons, I ordered a new minisoy, specifically specifying that I needed the German Curcher. The manager straight in the handset sway, that they will bring exactly German. And if I surrender 100 euros, then the box will be a personal signature of Angela Merkel (a joke, of course, it would be cool).

One and a half weeks of waiting. Brought. On the box it is written:

Designed from China.

I am directly to the seller:

-Well, guys, I asked you! And you are radishes!


Do you know what they differ?


-And I’ll show you now.

It turned out that Kurher’s devices made in Germany differ from Chinese fellow women in just two points.

First. Fitting for water connection (photo above). In the Germans it is made of plastic. In Germany, considered that modern plastic copes well with the loads, so there is nothing terrible. The Chinese counted that it was better not to hope on plastic, so they replaced it to brass.

Second. High pressure hose (photo above and below). That German that Chinese is completely identical to each other. The difference in the packaging method. The German hose is tied by some not very neat elastic bands. The Chinese hose is bound by a neat rubberized wire.

There are no differences! The devices are fully the same, both inside and outside.

For my silence, the question:

Well, what about German quality?

The seller poked his finger in the warranty card and said:

What to German devices, that the Chinese warranty is one — 120 months. 10 years! Would they give the same guarantee on bad and good devices?

And explained.

In recent years, China has greatly raised the quality of instruments and equipment, which is produced under the brand of European brands. They deliberately try to move away from the image of the country, which produces garbage purposes, and, by the way, often not at the best side of the price. She is constantly growing. And it is not always connected with a decrease in the ruble exchange rate.

Therefore, now the risk of getting low-quality goods is much more if it is produced in India, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia. The same India, in pursuit of China’s laurels, strongly «dropped» labor to employees and many companies of the second echelon translate production there. Therefore, the quality is reduced.

Even the same Mcita, collected at the plant in Hungary, will be worse than Makita collected in China. Chinese plant closer to Japan, control there is much hard.

Such pies.

As a result, I still took the German unit. True, I have never used how it came out the rains ended, I will try — I will unsubscribe.

That’s all, a good day and good mood!