The Germans have long thought that it is more profitable: one floor, two floors or attic, and we still think


Several years ago I happened to visit one wonderful house … His owner — the Diet of the 90s, with a red diploma graduated from the elite gangster school, led the boxer team in leather jackets, then refilled on the metal trade, had several gas stations and in general, very Well got a job.

A confirmation of such a high position in society should be a house. But not just a house, but dicking. So it turned out. The owner met me on the threshold of a luxurious four-story palace crowned with an attic.

What pride drove me the owner of my fundamental status: here is the bedroom, there are three more, and this is a hookah, a dressing room, a safe, and this is a throne room … oh, a kitchen-dining room.

But none of the rooms did not have noticeably traces of life. As if we went to the museum, and not a residential house. Reaching the attic, in which there was a billiard-cigar, I could not stand and asked:

And you yourself in which of the rooms live?

What I got just a murderous answer:

Are you crazy? My wife and I won there, in the guard house we live. Everything is what is needed for life. And here only go in the basement — sit in the sauna.

Seeing my rounded eyes who became a little more headlights Pazika, he added:

How much to clean it is necessary! Yes, and we do not need so much …

The house is sold already seventh year — no one needs a Palace of 3200 kV / m area (with zeros, everything is in order).

This example clearly shows that people in our country are built «for all money» — how much is there, so much and master. There is money for two floors — we will build two. There are three — build for three. The bigger, the better.

As a result, money can only be enough for a box and it turns out such a simotinushka:

There, by the way, also a basement for 168 squares!

Meanwhile, there is a very simple rule that allows you to accurately determine which storey you need a house. He lived in Germany the twentieth century a very famous architect — Hans Sharun.

The leading principle of all his projects was the well-known Quadratic Practice Gut. What the house was quadratus, the better.

He remembered to many of their colleagues by the fact that she categorically did not like the attic. It is clear, the mansard was the first to come up with the French, and the Germans had always had a very difficult relationship with them.

But, since in the capital of Germany with free living space there was a terrible tension, then it was the attic, he was asked to design, well, very often.

And the Hans thought about when you could build a house with an attic, and when it is undesirable, there is a sense at all from this room or not? I thought for a long time, calculated the cost, heat loss, heating costs, on air conditioning, compared technology.

It turned out that at the cost of the construction of the attic and the second floor is the same, there is no winnings. Savings on the walls are eaten by insulation, ventilation, construction technology, staircase and loss of useful area.

But there is a difference in the other.

He brought a very simple formula:

If the ground floor area exceeds 140 kV / m, then it is necessary to increase the floors;

If in the area where the building is planned to build the average monthly temperature in the coldest month of winter below -10 ° C, then the attic is not economically profitable — it is too expensive to get it.

And now let’s look at the temperature map of Russia. In winter, the average monthly temperature in the range is held only in two districts: the central (-9.4 ° C) and southern (-4.2 ° C). In all other — the temperature is significantly lower. For example, in the Urals -19 ° C, in Siberia -22,6 ° C, in the Far East -23 ° C.

As you can see, the attic is economically beneficial only for the south and the center, in all other cases: the second floor is that the doctor prescribed.

What do you choose: second floor or attic?

P.S. I’m sitting now on my attic and think to demolish something? It is not profitable, it turns out, according to German requirements.