Glass for the people abashment,acquest,agglomerated,apodal,autovac,crepitant,downfall,fire-fang,grain-exchange,hipster,monsignor,moppet The Italians «invented» a new kind of needlework, which put the sales record.

The Italians «invented» a new kind of needlework, which put the sales record.

Honestly, I can’t even imagine myself, just put in the mind on the shelves, as you can think before connecting the frogs to the condenser and watch how they are funny. Agree, such a pleasure …

Meanwhile, Luigi Galvani, a well-known Italian doctor / experimenter / chemist / vivistector who belongs to the honor of the discovery of electroplating and electroplating, became famous for these experiments. Well, God and a few hundred frogs to him the judges, we will look at his discovery on the other hand.

For a long time, the galvanic was the lot of technology, chemistry, physics. And for industrial production, this technology was just a gift of heaven.

However, in the middle of the twentieth century, the electroplating began to «indulge» not quite in production purposes — in Soviet NII, CB and other laboratories, domestic chemists often covered with copper various sheets, flowers, metal decorations. All this was then granted expensive guests: all soles, verifier, commissions and other audit raid on exclusive gifts.

Unfortunately, further gifts and simple balobiness did not go further. Well, with the collapse of the USSR and the dashing 90s about this technology in needlework, they did not particularly remember. Separate unicumes-needlewomen do not count.

The first who thought in Italy make an unrelated leaf decoration was a unlucky Lastratto firm. Which broke out and raised quickly. But her idea was picked up and quickly put on commercial rails.

In the early 2000s, naturally from Italy, such jewelry began to deliver to Russia. It was an amazing beauty openwork brooches, earrings and other small decorations. I know one girl who first brought a batch of such jewelry to Russia. She ordered them quite by chance, thought would fly as plywood over Paris, but the novelty shot — her small store was soldered all the brooches (1200 pieces) in two weeks.

It was a furor!

Over time, the Italian electroplating plants began to bring the Italian electroplating plants with brooks and other things.

Thanks to such a compact installation, you can not only overeate dry leaves, but also large buds, whole flowers. Beauty is incredible.

Now in Europe, on the widgoing wave of the environmental and preservation of the natural environment, there is a peak of sales of mutual jewelry. All that can be rolled into the metal — the benefit of the technology is extremely simple: covered the workpiece with a layer of conductor and lowered to the electrolyte. After a certain time, it remains only to rinse everything, dismissed with a rubber hammer, clean the citric acid and treat the finish coating (patina or anticosdan).

Everything, masterpiece is ready!

More time leaves for the search for normal fittings and the leaves themselves.

In addition, the installation can not only overeate the leaves, but also cover any surfaces with precious metals: gold, silver, rhodium (very popular now). True, you need a license for this, so such solutions are bought, as a rule, jewelry and watchmaking.

So now the Italians beat themselves with the left heel in the chest, they say that they invented the galvanization of leaves for jewelry. But we know that we used their invention for this purpose.

If we talk about sales, then in Europe it is already clear, we have no popularity peak yet, but at the fairs of such decorations more and more appears, the benefit of the entrance ticket to this business is not as high as in the glass.

All costs for simple single experiments with electroplating may not exceed 20 thousand, but if you want to study such jewelry seriously, you will have to upset about 120-150 thousand rubles, but you will have a good and effective installation.

I can not say that the peak of interest in these decorations we have already passed. If there is a desire to do a galvanic of leaves and combine it with some other material, for example, glass, stones, then commercial success is quite possible. But time is better not to lose, a couple of years remained. No more.

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