Glass for the people abashment,acquest,agglomerated,apodal,autovac,crepitant,downfall,fire-fang,grain-exchange,hipster,monsignor,moppet The neighbor blocked the roof of the house, it turned out very beautiful.

The neighbor blocked the roof of the house, it turned out very beautiful.

Good afternoon friends!

I heard about such a roofing material, which would not only be cheap, but also durable, kept a quarter ton weight, beautiful, low noise, was not afraid of water and sun, corrosion, was easily mounted?


And I did not hear!

However, he is, though he learned about him only the other day — this is our new Russian slate

Many believe that slate, as the roofing material is suitable only to overlap … Shed, chicken coop, or leaning a rustic house. No one for the steep city cottage «spoil» the echo of the Soviet past, who used to wings everything from kindergartens to the Khrushchev five-story buildings.

Meanwhile, slate is not only more alive, but also has become much stronger, more beautiful, eco. And in general, there are little similar to those gray fragments that Soviet teenagers threw them into fires to hear the cherished Ba-Ba.

Do you know what made me change my opinion about slate?

An example of my good friend — Sergey, who last year built a box at home, but did not have enough money to the roof. This summer, as you understand, the season was not set. Increasing prices for building materials made many put a cross at a construction site.

I thought Sergey either would not do anything, as it was planned to go to rest. However, there was a week and a new bright roof is banging on his house. A couple of weeks later, exactly the same appeared at the next house. I could not stand, went out:

IT, do you, what, the roof of the metal blocked? I spent all the money?

-Why do you think so

-What is it?


-Come on…

-No, this is our slate, domestic, manufactured by BF Tech. Very well saved, it remains very well to rest.

Interrogation of a neighbor with addiction, made it possible to learn the following.

Judge for yourself:


for 2021th year

Best sound insulation

For price


Today it is the only material.

Slate paint over the surface with an additional protective layer that protects the paint from burnout and damage.

It turns out, no matter how spinning, in all the slate parameters

Well, for myself I decided, I will block your village house with this material. Its in the village can be removed on a simple trailer — the area of the sheet allows — no need to hire a long.

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