The old master hired people to the brigade and gave a simple task.


As often you have to hear the moans that there are no orders, everything is bad, everything is lost, and what is not lost — it will break soon. And immediately from the side, the voices are heard that everything is in order, the process goes, there is an earnings and even has grown well in recent times.

What is it connected with?

That’s about it today and let’s talk!

There is a unique brigade in our city … There was no unique brigade of the finishes in our city. Whatever happened in the economy, no matter how pressed, she always had orders. Even during the Great Spring Seat last year, they simply closed in one of the elite cottages of the city and engaged in his finish while the owner taxed his business.

For their work, they always prescribed the price tag at exactly 5 (five!) Times above the average market. And that the most interesting, there was no penal from customers to their services. Everything is simple — they were the best of the best, finished the houses of the city elite, only the scene around which cost more than my house.

Filled the brigade old master Alexey Mikhailovich. And if you ask his closest competitors about what he represents, then it was possible to get absolutely opposite opinions: from «That more goat», to the «healthy man of our Mikhalych». But all, even his enemies, said he was special from God.

The reason for this polarity of opinions was in the selection that Mikhalych conducted for those who wanted to work in his brigade. From time to time, the teaching was still, and had to arrange a competition for replacing a vacant workplace.

Avito was given an ad with the requirements for qualifications, responsibilities and a real salary. Already on the next day, a crowd of people resorted for a salary of 150-200 thousand Day with fire in our city not to find. The new task has been given to the emergence:

In a separate room, a leaf was fixed by a wave (by 2 — 3 mm) plasterboard, and it was required to sharpen it in zero.

After that, man left one one with his task (in order not to unwind). Naturally, any normal finish with such a task coped if not at times, then for two exactly. Aligning the difference, the challenger called the master and showed the fruits of his work. That causally examined everything, and if I did not find flaws, I said:

Well done, let’s give you here and let’s talk.

Inspired by the applicant, confident that he was taken, cluttered, soap the tool under the rings of water and ran to a conversation with the master, anticipating the size of the future salary …

After that, he was told:

Thank you, you do not fit us.

And no admonition, attempts to close, threats and even hysterics did not help:

Dosvidos, dear comrade, we will not work out.


It is in words «Surrence here»!

When Mikhalych left the room down, one of the members of the brigade stood and watched how the test would be used. As far as he comes well with, he will clean the instrument, but most importantly, what they looked at the brigade: where and how he was soap spatulas, rule and tanks under the putty.

Absolutely, all newcomers did not take the garbage behind them, most of the soapy tools and capacity under the jet of water, although there was a special basin under the sink. It was only necessary to get water into it and rinse everything by hand, not the descent remnants of the putty in the pipe.

Yes, it is long, but this is the only correct cleaning method. Imagine what will happen if the fault of the employee descended the binder in the pipes will climb the sewage in the luxury palace?

And on all the questions, Mikhalych answered simply:

If my employee does not know something, I will teach him. I do not know — I will learn together — not necessary! A good finish will be able to do any mardy, but the cleanliness will be able to provide only a real master. And if you are in the school, in practice and then in the workplace, did not teach you to follow the cleanliness, then I can never knock a pig of you — late.

It is precisely on the order, cleanliness and filigree work a brigade was held. All this allowed her to earn more than others despite the crises and so on.

What do you think the right was the master?