The only dam in the world built in the USSR on the American project, which specially flooded


As if we did not want, but any creations of human hands over time comes a legitimate end. Each of his own: buildings explode and demolished, bridges disassemble, the mines bore dumps …

What are made with dams?

They do not less traditionally with dams: they are or completely flattered with the ground-mother, so that there was no breakthrough because of the winds and everything was not cleaned, either the water takes place, and the shutter disassemble and the water gradually leaves itself.

But there is one unique dam on this planet that did not break through, they did not alternate from the earth, they did not disassemble, they did nothing at all — they were simply flooded. There are no more such cases on our planet.

Moreover, it is still possible to go from one shore to another (it is located in 80 centimeters from the water level) and … I live 5 kilometers from this dam.

It is located in the city of Magnitogorsk on the Ural River. The thing is that any metallurgical production requires a lot of water. Not just a lot, but a lot!

And it is not connected with the fact that the metallurgists after changing are like to swim and «their strength in wrames», but so that the metal needs to be cooled. Therefore, any metallurgical equipment like semi -ramide gardens is shrouded with water arteries.

So, the Komsomol members who appeared in 1929 in the Ural Steppe understood — the Urals need to brake. In Russia, all dams up to that time were built very simply: first they took the water, then Tueva hooz people came to the people and shed a huge shaft out of the ground. This construction option occupied about 5-7 years.

The foreground komsomol members did not categorically satisfied, so the American company Arthur McKee Company was called to the aid, which was engaged in the design and commissioning of the plant.

Americans did not refuse and, realizing that the new project could be raised even more dennaunations, moved the management of the Innovative Project plant (which in the States has long been used) — to build 102 reinforced concrete arches in the direction of the river.

They asked for all the construction 2 years and more than 1 million dollars in gold.


The Komsomol members shoved in their arms, stretched to the place of the dam of the branch of the railway for 1 month and for 72 days they built a dam from the iron and concrete right in the open field.

And everyone was happy: the plan was completed, the Komsomolets gratitude — to Americans Million. Problems began on the very first year: the dam began to crack on the seams. The fact is that the Americans did not take into account the structure of the soil in the direction of the Ural River.

This river in the summer has a width of 10-15 meters, its somewhere can be waged. But every spring, when snow melts in the mountains, she gives the inhabitants of the steppe prom … yes, yes, but it gives exactly.

Spring flood 2-3 kilometers — norm.

If the rivers have a rocky bottom in a distant American river, then all the rivers of the Ural river are a thickness of a very soft apparent soil. And the dam began to go down.


Disassembly began: Americans poked her finger to the Komsomol members, they say that they were too quickly built, the Komsomol members quite dislarously poked her finger in the hosted projectors. And the dams fled even more on the dam.

The case saved the management of the plant, which said:

-Well, she and so temporary, it is not enough for a full-fledged plant. So let’s build one more away and more.

All delighted nodded with their heads — no one wanted to grab the lyuli from the center. And 11 kilometers downstream of the Urals began to build an even greater dam, but already on traditional technology — togeting there a huge amount of alive strength and pouring a hefty earthen shaft.

In 1937, the whole covered with cracks, the American dam was disappeared under water — leaving 80-90 cm deeply On the legs, for one incorrect step and you at a depth of 11 meters, and the flow there o-th.

Yes, by the way, all the money for your services Americans could not get. They are not only with the dam project, but also seriously dragged the start of the plant, blowing up one of the Marten furnaces. Calling for a violation of the contract, Joseph Vissarionovich not only expelled all American specialists outside, but also rolled with payment. Those tried to sue, but … the trill did not hesitate.

Well, the dam is so worthwhile. As a monument … I do not know, but the monument …