The physics teacher showed how to clean the egg from the shell smoothly in 2 seconds.


I, of course, not 90 years old and to Mafusayil, I still live yes to live, although it is already developing a certain experience to 45. Life on the nose clicked as many times that I was already surprised almost stopped. But the proverb «Web live — a century and learn!» works. And it is absolutely no matter how old you are, 45, 90 or all 120.


Children — the continuation of their parents. And most recently, I somehow sounded in front of my relatives that at school many objects are completely tearned from life. For example, the same physics. What do we use in everyday life from physics? Well, there is a temperature, resistance to calculate, communicating vessels … What else?

It seems to be everything!

It turns out that school knowledge from the fundamental sciences simply lie in us by the dead cargo, and then 90% of graduates are forgotten. Nature does not tolerate unnecessary things if knowledge do not use their brain erase them.

Daughter Take and voice these words in front of the teacher. And he take and tell me that physics is needed everywhere. In short, they seriously «climbed».

One says:

Need not!

Another says:

Ever need!



-Do you study at the technologist?


Hydraulics pass?


Let’s go to the workshop.

And now what he showed her, I checked on myself and … my eyes got out of the orbits! Until now, have not been improved. How to clean the boiled egg, even that that adhered to the shell tight?

Easy in 2 seconds!

And literally in 2 seconds.

Put the eggs to boil on the stove. It is not necessary to pickover anything, to pierce, to kill, read the mantras and other passages do not do. Just water, just a saucepan and just an egg. Any format, at least from ostrich.

As welded, immediately merge boiling water. Take a small jar with a tightly closing lid, pour cold water there so that it is 1 cm (approximately, +/- big role does not play) did not reach the edge. That is, you need a small layer of air, as in the photo above.

Take the only cooked egg of a Russian mini-ostrich called chicken, a couple of times knocking about the surface of the table, boards, pan … so that the cracks go on the shell.


In the bank, under the action of sharp televitations, it is formed by hydrate, which drives cold water under the shell. And this very shell instantly takes off from the rolled squirrel:

And absolutely no matter, the eggs were well cleaned or bad, even where it stuck to death, tears with pieces of squirrel:

If the pieces are clean well, then the shell peels like a rug with wet steps. Vzhiiiiik and Garland shells in your hands.

The daughter came proud and showed this focus to me. What is happening with my eyes this is understandable: Basedova Hope’s disease is Konstantinovna Krupskaya in miniature. But, I take and Lyapney:

Why is it not written about this in any textbook on physics?

The daughter was thinking and said:

-After holidays I will ask the teacher …

Oh, I feel, will call me such a «smart» to talk to physics.