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The principle of buckwheat: a real reason why prices for building materials rose 3 times

«Having learned how much tree on the market, Dad Carlo was touched out of the magic linen not a doll, and the chip for the OSB sheet. After six months, the tenants of one house went crazy — at night they spoke with them.»

Everyone thought that 2020 passed, you can cross, remove the masks and survive as before … SHA) … The events of the past year, completely logical, they silent in 2021. And the first surprise was the increase in metal prices and building materials.

Over the past year, it reached many very simple idea — to sit locked up in the four walls of a stuffy apartment surrounded by children for several months, it is cooler than hemorrhoids and toothaches taken together. Therefore, as soon as the restrictions were removed, all Russia began to think about the construction of their own homes.

And since the respected highly qualified specialists from Central Asia could not break through the border, and we had tight with income, the majority of citizens have suffered to 2021.

Russians did not take into account only one — all of Europe began to build us. There are no stupid people, so there are no stupid people, so they have their accommodation and the opportunity to plant at least a bed-friend or parsley, the locals thought immediately. So in 2020 and 2021, the richer europeys began to fit all the affordable land, look for anyone the opportunity to build a house.

Accordingly, the price of sawn timber and metal, which Europe purchases mainly in Russia, took off to heaven. The material is not profitable for the domestic market. All major DPK and metal manufacturers chase raw materials for the hill. Local manufacturers remained on the market, which raise the price in view of the fact that the demand exceeds all reasonable limits.

It is this version that we hear from TVs from all analysts and other «obverses».

And all this is complete nonsense!

In fact, the reason for increasing the prices of wood and metal lies completely in the other.

A real reason for the fact that the tree and OSB took off in the price of the following: greed.

I will explain.

Yesterday I was in the construction market, where plywood was almost no left — it was even disassembled even 2 thousand per sheet. The new batch will come at an even higher price. Sellers say that people buy building materials tons, and there is nothing in warehouses.

Here you have a photo from the warehouse: plywood there is not a lot, her before the ceiling!

Everything is very simple: the 2020th year was failing for manufacturers and sellers.

Season 2020 turned out to be crumpled, the profit fell 3 times!

And since intelligent Russians decided to build massively in 2021, then even more smart producers decided to create an excitement and identify what they could not collect last year.

Almost all building hypermarkets and large sellers in Russia, since the spring purchased plywood so much that the warehouses are broken from «Unborn Brothers Pinocchio.» But in order to retrain the profit disappeared last year, our «sold» decided to raise prices 4 times!

That’s the whole reason for rising a tree.

Remember the alleged «deficit» with buckwheat, which agrees all a few years ago. Then it turned out that there was no deficit, but was a collusion. The price of it fell, but not completely. We also observe the same with plywood and metal.

A tree stands on the European market now 220 euros per cube. Last year it was worth 190. That is, the increase was just over 15%, but not 4 times! And this is despite the fact that Europe purchases a lot of wood in Russia.

In the Urals, now the cube of raw boards costs 15 thousand, but this is not the limit. Manufacturers gradually summarize us to a European price. So we have a chance to be a little Europeans. Only I don’t like it at all …

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