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The stone made of plastic, which looks like a tree and is not afraid of water: what coating are put in Europe on the floor

Once my good acquaintance has done a dear repair in the house. There was so much money that did not have enough accumulations and had to be held on credit. Not a house, but the Ural branch of the Louvre. Buckingham Palace nervously smokes aside.

Cherry on a cake in his fashionable repair was laminate, brought from solar italy just for fabulous money. Accurate imitation of aged oak in the shape of an old wine board.

When we came to him

In about six months later, he came to work for the black clouds, practically as Anchar from the eponymous poem Lermontov:

-Sero, what are you?


-Aaaa, well, yes, yes.

Well, yes! You know what she did yesterday.

And Sergey Vitalyevich told all the hustle the tragedy with him. Favorite mother-in-law from the distant Ural village, while the favorite children and grandchildren were at work / in the garden decided to wash some very unsightly and old floors. And I did it according to the traditional village technology: just throwing out a couple of water buckets to the floor and decided to «squeak» the dirt on the boards.

What happened to the laminate after that you can imagine, did not save the road 3D locks, chamfers and processing Carnubskaya wax. Italian woody dust made mixed with glue of the ancient Ural technology of cleaning in the house.

So Sergei understood the main lack of laminate, although the lesson, I admit, was too expensive. The arrival of his beloved Temkiyka got a son-in-law in almost 170 thousand of our dennaunations.

Although his biggest flaw … In fact, it is one solid disadvantage: fragile laminate, easily breaks, it takes, requires a substrate, perfectly smooth surface, is afraid of gravity, temperature drops, pets kill this material once or two. But most of all, as you already understood, he does not like dampness, and even more waters.

The advantages of him only two: quick installation (put it can even bevelous blind) and low price.

Paradoxically, but some manufacturers are trying to issue laminate for premium material in Russia and expose an inadequate price tag. And what is interesting, buy! Although all of Europe knows — this is the lowest in quality and durability.

In general, everyone understands that the material is so-so, so manufacturers are constantly looking for him to replace. And, interestingly, recently found, and somewhat.

The first replacement is quartz-vinyl. In fact, it is chopped into pieces of linoleum with the addition of quartz sand. Frankly, the replacement of the tree is so-so. By itself, the material is very good, but with the board in any kind of gate.

But the second replacement is the best that I have seen on the market from materials similar to the board. This stone-plastic composite from which the laminate panel was made and the board drawing was printed on top.

Remember at the beginning of the article I listed the shortcomings of the laminate as a material. So, this composite has no disadvantage. It is withstanding any load (44th grade to abrasion — such a laminate did not dream), it practically does not break — for as a stone, is not demanding for the perfectly smooth surface, put a large bolt on pets, almost lit.

But, most importantly, he can lie in a puddle of water and neither mold, nor damp, no swelling will be.

Farmers were flooded with you, well, okay — a cloth gathered water and then live. Service life for at least 30 years!

As soon as he appeared on sale, I wanted to lay it in a new workshop. Dream and not material. Load from hundreds and thousands of legs it will endure with a bang.

Do you know what stopped? Price in Russia!

Manufacturers of this material considered that he is a super-pupper premium, compared with ordinary laminate. So the normal SPC laminate is now from 2900 per square meter. Pardon, parquet oak floorboard is cheaper — approximately 2200 per square. And in Europe, this SPC laminate beats all sales records, but it costs 50% cheaper there.

As a result, the next Russian paradox is obtained — the overseas laminate came up with waste to replace the normal board, in Russia it costs more than a massive board, which is not affordable to many Europeans.

What to do, cry or laugh?

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