The story I will definitely tell the son when he will be 18 years old


Once we disappeared money. Everyone at once. From the common piggy bank, from the workshop and even 100 rubles from the youngest daughter from the wallet. To blame the green men, aliens, the otherworldly forces and thieves-invisible meaning was not. Everything was clear and understandable from the very beginning who took the money.

The sked son, explained that he wanted to look cool and meaningful in front of familiar boys from our village, bought all ice cream and chocolates. Of course, he was scolded, reported, were tears and late repentance, punishment in the form of a ban walking on the street and Sunday games on a computer.

And, most interesting, none of the boys who ran with him, none of the so-called friends, did not even come to know why he was punished and because of what he was sitting at home. None said:

Stop, you do wrong.

Even the seller in the village store, which he saw that the little boy squeaks money, did not say anything to him or to us — parents. When I explained this to my son, he understood the difference between a true friend and all the other «familiar.»

But the main story that I once told a clever and kind person, I was engaged for later — when my son is 18 years old and he will be able to understand it:

One young man was 18 years old and he graduated from an expensive private school with a gold medal. Father congratulated him and fulfilled this son’s promise: to give him a good gift for the day of graduation and adulthood. The father gave his son to the old one, almost almost to the hole coin.

Why do I need this trash! You promised a good gift, I thought it would be a car or at least a computer.

-Do not rush, —

The next day, the son returned to his father even more upset than it was Day earlier:

I told you, this trash is worth nothing! She was refused to buy, I was raised to laugh and almost disknames.

Do not rush, —

The next day, the Son returned to his father in thought:

-Well, for this coin I was offered a thousand rubles. They said they didn’t know where she was.

Father replied:

Go tomorrow here at this address. There you will meet a lot of strange people. Show them this coin, and I decided to do what to do with it.

The next day, the son returned to the Father confused and delighted immediately:

-Dad! You know when I entered there, no one paid attention to me. But when I showed this coin, I was all over and began to admire her. This is one of the rarest Chekanov of the Roman emperors. And I was offered a million dollars for her. This is a real treasure!

Father smiled and said:

«You know the son.» You will live a long life and you will meet many people in your life path: good and bad, evil and kind. All these people will evaluate you, but not everyone can rate you right.

Therefore, if you are depreciated, do not try to seem more expensive than you are in fact. This means that you communicate with people who do not know your true value.

Thank you for reading …