They did not live in the outside: as it turned out that half of the bath in Russia should be demolished.


Even at the beginning of the XIV century AD. The overseas merchants who were in our territories were surprised: uneducated Slavs, not knowing spirits and incense, go to special houses, heated to red stones, wash out naked and shove themselves with dry branches of trees. They then explained to them to wash in the bath — Neurushen Rashen Studishn, from the VIII century. Water yourself with spirits well, but it is somehow more useful for the human body.

Therefore, in the covenants of the ancestors, have your home and not have a bath … This is not order. House and bath in Russia, it’s like two twigs, like cow and milk, cable and electricity, machine and gasoline, Russia and sanctions, America and dollar … will disappear one, there will be no second.

And now think about how we build a bath?

Very simple: the husband comes out with his wife to the plot, they give up his legitimate glance

Then go goose:

«At what distance from the fence should the bath stand?

And Google, Yandex, Rambler and other search engines give the answer:

1 meter from the fence

Sometimes a search engine, from generous electronic, adds:

The neighbor house should be at least 8 meters.

A man ran with a tape measure, measured the left distances and with complete confidence that he was building his beloved in chocolate, the Blood — bath. Parse, beats himself, wife, households and all voluntarily fell under the distribution of guests «Bath bushes» (© Mikhail Zadornov).

And everything would be fine, only this is the wrong answer!

Rather, not quite the right answer.

The distances from the bath and to the fence or in the shorts of the neighbor are regulated in Russia with a number of documents. And this is not just a problem, but a very big problem, since one document can be in chocolate, and under another document chocolate smoothly turns into a mustard.

So, the layout of the country area for the land of ILS in our country is regulated by the joint venture 11-106-97. It is on this document of Google and Yasha who base their answer that everything with your bath will be fine.

But on another document called the joint venture 4.13130.2013, none of any other attention pays. He’s no matter how much, and often even experienced builders are not focused on him.


Because the compliance of the bath is verified only when either the conflict between the neighbors arises, or something has happened already. For example, fire.

This document is called: «Fire protection systems. Restriction of fire distribution at protection objects. Requirements for volume-planning and constructive decisions «, which is acting as a wording of February 14, 2020.

And if you look at the requirements of this document …

Oops, then the distances from the bath to other houses will be a little different. From the bath to your house, the distance can be any. Bath burns and your home is your personal business. The problems of smoked hosts does not care.

But the distance to the houses of other owners is rigged. And they depend on what your bath is made:

Agree, this is a little more than 8 meters, and even more than 1 meter to the fence!

These requirements are mandatory both for gardens and for IZhS. And now think how many houses and gardens meets with these requirements?

Very little!

The other day I had to participate in court, disassemble the conflict between the neighbors. Former friends «bored» not for life, but to death. The stumbling block was the bath. It came to the trial, and when they began to check the distances, then for the construction standards, the bath passed, and there is no fire. According to the conclusion of firefighters, the court ruled out: the structure of demolish.

Today, for the sake of interest, I was proteining with a tape measure in 9 acres. There is not a single place on it, where I could install a bath for new fire requirements.

And what to talk about plots of 6 acres or 4?