Turks-workers suggested a man’s secret to the secret of the subropmentary tile: he hired assistants and opened his job


The paving slabs is now not engaged only lazy. And if you asked for a day three days ago:

What business is now not to do?

In the first place, I would put the paving slabs. Fifteen years ago, when a private house-building just gained a move and it became clear that the demand for the tile would only grow, pioneers casting sidewalks raised not just money, but very big money.

And when people saw live examples of instant to stick out of stiff states, and even understood how easy it was to do … Tile manufacturing firms began to occur a little more than mushrooms after the rain. Yes, there is already there, many power of the urban scale understood what potential lies in this simple business: the sidewalk is akin to a file and a knife in one bottle — it is so good urban budgets are so good.

Entrepreneurs of the second and third waves are faced with the fact that the originally «chocolate» business brings something not so much money, on Bali and Mercedes disastrously lacking. And besides, it is necessary to plow the most cleaner of the breakdown horse.

All this had one consequence: the third part of the fans of light money closed, the second third began to save a lot in production: instead of high-quality cement, candid waste was poured, instead of a granite drop-down — dirty sand, many not even heard about the tile rank.

After that, behind the cast tiles, the glory of a one-time coating was entrenched — she peelled after a couple of seasons and instead of the beautiful Venetian courtyard, the owner of the house was pretentiously looked at Adovs ruins, similar to Berlin of the 45th.

And now, why I changed my mind.

Everything is very simple — I visited the production, which was opened by the usual Russian man, who simply had nowhere to go from lack of money. All his life he spent in construction, and when he got a little injury and sat on the hospital, I understood that something you need to change.

And since he best knew the construction case, he decided to open the production of paving slabs. At first, even friends did not believe that he would succeed.

And he knew!

I knew what would happen!

I knew that it would unwind!

And all because I had a TUZ in the sleeve — the secret of the intimidated paving slabs, which he was «drove up» the Turks during the construction of one of the major objects in the city. The owner of the object ordered not only workers from this solar country, but also part of the materials, including paving slabs.

But she was not enough for the whole object, and the deadlines were pressed. Turks resembled the city manufacturers of tiles and were shocked by low quality tiles. We decided to rent one of the bases and pour tiles on their own. They have at pickup, Dmitry just met the secret of this tile.

Three years ago, Dmitry took off a large boxing on the promoter and opened the production of paving slabs, border, paving slabs, facade tiles and other building casting. Even the competitors laughed at him.

A year later, he was alone on the court — everyone else was planted and moved, although he did not spend the ruble for advertising and promotion. Even the sign and that did not do!

And now, strictly speaking, the secret of the production of intraparable paving slabs:

Do not save on kopecks, control the entire technical process, do everything according to GOST and use the best cement that is in the market — 600.

Here is the cement that Dima uses:

This is the Turkish cement M600 brand. I think, after that, the question is why Dmitry’s tile is considered to be better if not in the city, then in the area, immediately disappeared. He is lucky to him through two regions, and this is if there is a local cement in the city. I looked at His Tehcart — this is the standard production of casting, nothing supernatural or fantastic. Only the stage of stepping tiles is a little longer than it is required.

Just at the expense of emergency control of the owner, its constant location of the vibrationtol, the selection of high-quality cum, additives, dyes — no one steals, does not cheliturite, does not try to deceive.

For new forms, he bought a vacuum machine and makes them his own. Even in winter, when most of the lytyeviks work or in the warehouse or stands, his small shop has orders.

I asked him straight:

How much do you earn?

He grinned:

«I’ll say, but for life and so … relax … enough. In general, sin complain. You’re better than me to properly. Only orders take on August.