Two girls quit with good work for the sake of dreams and bought the machine.


We often admire the famous figures that succeed in sports, politics, made a feat or discovery. And more often forget about what is next to us, literally here behind the wall, in the next apartment there can be a well-known people who, who let them not make loud exploits, but … they live as a bright and memorable life that describe She does not have enough article, nor even the books.

With Irina and Alena, we are familiar … We are familiar … Yes, without any difference. How many are we familiar, so much time I do not cease to face their courage and perseverance.

They say with good work they do not leave … go, and even how. Both Ira, and Alyona worked on very good work: one at the grain position in state structures, the second — accountant.

Salary Normal, housing is, what else do you need?

Live having fun!

But it’s boring! Every day to walk on the same work, perform the same duties. Change your time, your life for money. Rarely who can take over the courage and leave with a good position.

Girls were able!

They wrote a statement and went to nowhere. We left for a dream — to work only on yourself, earning a needlework.

And the search began. They tried a lot: sewed pillows, made soft toys from felt, crawled cattle curls, sewed covers on passports, cut out notepads from plywood, burned to sleep trees, engaged in skin, sewed masks … some of this list they still do.

But everything changed when they bought, it seemed to me then the most useless machine — the machine for laser cutting of plywood. Too many such machines are sold and used in Russia. They are in every advertising agency, at many private traders.

In my city only large portal machines more than 15 pieces and some of them idle!

And then a small cutter, almost engraver … What can I do with it?

As it turned out to be!

And not just the most ordinary engraving, surprisingly, and such orders enough. No, the girls learned to connect laser cutting, engraving, skin and … color prints, and also do not believe, hand-painted with paints.

The main advantage of laser cutting machines is that production can be quickly scaled. Yes, many say that this is no longer handmade, but about notepads and other works of Ira and Alena language will not raise this.

Having found his niche, they were able not only to stand out at the fairs and festivals of handmade with bright and beautiful works, but also to agree with wholesalers, to interest corporate clients.

Today, they are also participating in fairs today, but a considerable toliary of income they bring orders from enterprises, firms and even municipal organizations and government agencies. Many bosses want to give their employees unique things for holidays, on birthdays, etc.

I did not specifically ask about their income level, average monthly earnings and so on. Yes, of course, for others it is very interesting. But it is in this story that the earnings are second.

The girls carried out their dream: they work only on themselves, spend their time themselves, they do not give it to anyone, and only they depends on them how much they earn.

It was worth it for this to leave well paid work?

For me, the answer is obvious …

And you, dear readers, thank you for reading to the end!