Glass for the people abashment,acquest,agglomerated,apodal,autovac,crepitant,downfall,fire-fang,grain-exchange,hipster,monsignor,moppet We chase for imported, although our many times better: what oil from Russia is valued abroad by weight of gold

We chase for imported, although our many times better: what oil from Russia is valued abroad by weight of gold

From restructuring and subsequent dashing 90s, most of us are firmly programmed on what imported is better, more beautiful, more reliable. Maybe in some cases it is so, but lately I am more and more tend to think that the program should be changed.

I will tell you a small story that happened to us a couple of weeks ago.

We decided to sit in the whole family on a good and useful diet on the system: in the morning Salad, During Salad, in the evening … Guess what … Salad. If the nemogue as I want meat, you eat more cucumbers. Of course, sit around the clock exclusively on greenery, like the Upper and push, is not very nice, so greens and vegetables need to be squeezed with oil.

Under the conditions of the diet, the oil needs a special — pumpkin, and, desirable, imported, since the best pumpkin oil is made in a small province of Austria — Styria. This oil is valued all over the world, as it is fantastic to him — gives almond, nuts and some more pleasant notes.

The problem is only in one: from sale this oil almost disappeared, and if it appears, the price is completely inhumane. For the half-liter bottle of this very stray oil, our sellers are asking for a little more than 1,300 rubles.


Therefore, in order to save a family budget, it was decided to write an old friend from Austria and ask him to send a couple of bottles of the seating and Austrian oil. They have 3 euros per liter! As a barter, it was decided to offer our glass products or any other domestic to choose from, from Balalak to Matryoshek.

Do you know what I asked our familiar paul in exchange for your naturprodukt?

Our naturprodukt — Rye oil!


The oil exchange took place, we sent 4 banks familiar to the familiar and got 8 Austrian instead. Naturally, I was interested in why in Europe there is so popular, the rive oil and local is ready to exchange it for such an unfavorable course.

It turns out that the rive oil is on all European oils (even a vulnerable olive borest and other premium stars) in two parameters:

Now the rive oil in Europe is not that no, but it is shortage. Previously, it was given in Eastern Europe, however, plantations of the plant — the rimberry sowing (yes, but the plants, and not the birds that are drawn on the bottle) have recently decreased very much, most of all it is planted in Russia and Southeast Asia.

But in Asia, their zakidones, there are rhyme oil in cosmetics and traditional medicine, and we have more edible purposes. Manufacturers of such oil in Russia are several dozen, and most of them ship the fried oil for export.

And we do not know that our oil is much more expensive than imported, which is resold with an extra charge of 500%.

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