What does the most cozy glass studio look like from all that I saw: a miracle that made a pensioner


You know, I always liked overseas little family-owned shops-workshops. They are often shown in films: a small city house, on the first floor of which the store or workshop is made, and the owners live on the second. The passersby see beautiful things through the showcase, enter the door, the bell rings and from somewhere far, the voice sounds:

Ident-go, wait a second.

And here is a welcoming mistress or master. Agree, it’s a thousand times better soulless megamollov, hypermarkets and other factories to show money from the population.

And today I would like to tell about the most comfortable and beautiful family shop-workshop of all I have seen. She was not created a company or a large enterprise, not an entrepreneur, but a simple pensioner artist from the United States.

Alice was born in the family of artists.

Dad Artist, Mom — Artist, Grandpa … Guess who?

Yes, too, an artist!

True, another carving was carried away by a tree, but the essence of the matter does not change — the girl from birth was tasked with the task: tassels and paints in hand and Alga on the plenuer.

What else remained to do a little alice? Took brushes, paints and went to draw. Drawing paintings, mostly animals, forest, meadow and other pastoral. And put paints and tassels on the shelf, only when it retired. By this time, she was already a well-deserved artist with extensive experience, many personal exhibitions, victories and regalia.

It seems to be a pension a lot of free time — creature further. But Alice went on a different way, together with her husband on his small plot, they built a cozy house-studio, in which the art glass workshop was organized. Around the studio was broken by a small, but very nice eye garden.

For two years, they worked not to twist the hands, built a room for furnaces, a small warehouse for glass, chemistry and related materials, but the main chip of the workshop was the extensive exhibition hall all the sun-flooded, flowing through panoramic windows.

The area in which the workshop is pretty old, quiet and cherished. Pensioners and middle-aged people live there, which love to decorate their homes and sites. Therefore, the glass workshop came as it is impossible.

Moreover, Alice is not quite «tied» with drawing, she just changed the materials: tassels and paints were replaced with glass dust, powder and small glass fragments, they are also called frit. It is the glass that the pensioner’s artist continued to draw his paintings.

And gradually Studio Alice ceased to the place of meetings of all passionate people of the district: gardeners, photographers, artists and just curious neighbors.

For regular meetings, the studio attached a large hall with a table where tea drinking is carried out, and sometimes, in cold weather, you can warm the bottle of wine.

Gradually, schoolchildren from the neighboring school, students who know the inhabitants of the city and even tourists from neighboring cities began to come to her in the studio. With each it finds a common language, shares the secrets of painting on the glass, communicates, talks.

Gradually, there were so many visitors that all the premises of the studio had to remake to the exhibition hall, and over him to suck a small attic and transfer the creative workshop with the furnaces there. And all this she made himself with her husband — her support.

Studio Alice Gebhart does not close its doors for 20 years. Despite the invitation shaft to read lectures, share creativity, to hold a personal exhibition, the master has never left his cozy home and studio.

Probably today’s story will seem unnecessarily messy, but it is. I just wanted to say that a revered age, retirement, the habit of one and the same work is not really a limitation.

It’s never too late to change, it’s never too late to close one door and open the other — each our step is assessed by the Universe, weighs and, if it is correct, helps. And then in the forces of each to accomplish the little, but a miracle. If you want to change your life, do not wait, listen to the call of my heart, boldly change and the universe will help you.

And, yes, thanks for reading to the end!