What in Canada impregnate the tree that it is not afraid of rotten, water, it looks like plastic: a very simple recipe


If any Russian man, whose hands grow out of the right technological parts of the body, ask: the cheaper the whole to protect the tree from rotting, water, rodents. In 99.99% of cases, the answer will be one: throughout. That is, it served as a machine oil, which the car has already broken down, but the sleeves Russian man decided to use it again.

By the way, if the same question set no less sleeve peasants somewhere in Alaska or cold spaces of Canadian and American, the answer will be completely different.

No, there are also known about working out there and even rush to use in non-residential premises, but a completely different composition is most popular. The reason is that testing has a number of negative points:

So with the work on the hill, friendship did not grow. What then import craftsmen do the tree? Naturally, the store compositions do not take into account, we are craftsmen!

And now it’s time to surprise you.

The fact is that ship’s canadian builders came to the rescue. They are most of all puzzled by how to protect the tree. After all, if the house rotates — nothing terrible, you can build a new one. And if the rotten ship will go to the bottom, then the gills will not grow quickly. Everyone will be drunk!

Traditionally, ships and boats were treated with bitumen or resin. However, in the 80s of the last century, the grand brothers invented their own wood processing technology. The tree after treatment with their composition did not rot, was not afraid of mold, water, fungi, shocks and became similar to plastic. He could be calmly painted.

The brothers grandmother’s breakthrough technology called West.

How many people immediately wanted to know the secret of the processing of wood in a grandfather — do not count. They were offered a lot of money, it came to direct threats — cut off the overlooking brothers from life. In the end, they decided to open their secret and wrote a book where they have deciphered their technology:

Wood Epoxy Saturation Technology.

In fact, the secret was so simple and daishew that the wood on this technology is now processing almost all Canadian and American builders who do not want to pay big money for industrial and purchased compositions.

So, for the preparation of the «Stuzonsky» composition we will need:

Any container that is suitable in volume;

Two-component epoxy resin;

Solvent 646;


Straight hands.

Well, the recipe itself:

Pour the resin into a larger tank.

Pulse a hardener in the resin, according to the proportion specified on the label or in the manual and the most quickly, thoroughly stirre.

In the resulting adhesive composition, pour solvent 646 in proportion 1 part of the resin and 3 parts of the solvent.


As a result, you turn out a transparent, like a tear of a baby, liquid. Everything, the composition is ready. Thanks to a flying solvent, the composition deeply penetrates into the structure of wood (10 mm or more) and preserves it. I sometimes add a white dye into this composition, it turns out a very beautiful lesing composition, which not only protects, but also decorates — emphasizes the structure and pattern of wood.

True, Finnish builders disagree with this composition — epoxy is all chemistry. In Finland, another composition is used, which not only protects against water, but is not afraid of fire, but, in addition, completely environmental. By the way, this composition of Finns are called Russian. But about it in the next article.