What is camouflage: how builders hide their mistakes


Unfortunately, we have a very few high-quality developers, most of them saves everything. And the inener person can deceive, as they say, on all the money. Oddly enough, it is often connected with gifts from the company and a suspiciously beautiful house.

This is about it today and let’s talk:

Ceiling as a gift.

Nuuuu you will still do the finish finish.

It is nice to the buyer: such beauty goes to free (already included in the price of the house), but see all the remote (noodles from the wiring, the absence of vapor barrier, thin beams, the insulation scraps) is possible only in one way: to remove the «gift».

In some cases, when the materials for the stretch ceiling is not at hand, they can put a suspended ceiling of drywall. It will be covered in the draft (so that there is no temptation to remove one or two sheets), but without finishing putty, because it is already too expensive a gift.

After putting such a «camouflage» ceiling on one object, we did not see vaporizolation at all, and the insulation of the overlap under the cold attic was made of 50 mm foam sheets PSB-15. He was simply put by the gun.

Finishing the foundation / socle as a gift.

Therefore, the first thing «economical» builders closes the base and the foundation of the house from unnecessary views. In order for the expert or too curious buyer to see all the groundnight, you need to close these parts of the building with such an finishing finish, which is problematic to remove, beaten, etc.

As a rule, this is a natural stone. For example, we in the Urals are such a lemzit, very beautiful and fairly cheap material. Large layers of this stone can close at once half of the square meter or even more. Often the base is separated by porcelain stoneware. It looks awesome, though no more than three years. Then he begins to fly off like white apple trees smoke.

Relicated scene (often also goes as a gift).


You can even not even look at the foundation even earlier so that the owner did not receive a heart attack «Mycarda here with such a scar» before the final settlement with the company.

And then at least a flood!

The technology of «one-time» house is as follows: in three or four days the box is erected from a minimum density aerated concrete, which is bonded by glue-foam, 50-100 mM PSB15 foam plastic is immediately mounted on it and everything is placed in the core.

Warm, cozy house, which is waiting for a new owner ready. Three pretends «not» in the ad are not written, as they know, in a year or two, the owner will have to remove all cladding entirely. And, it is quite possible, I will still have a heart attack «Micard».

Sunsions on the windows with a specified draft.

At one facility, the meticulous specialist insisted on dissection dismissions, after which it was decided to disassemble the box at home. After a flashlight in the gap between the plasterboard and the house wall, in the corner of the house did not find parts of the wall — there was a hole where bricks hung and all the amount of foam took everything. If not to take into the calculation of the carrying ability of such angle, then in general it turned out to be the warmers.

The decoration of slopes in our region costs about 1,500 rubles. Sometimes it is worth breaking one — not a lot of loss so as not to bite elbows later.

So if in the house you want to purchase, with a common draft decoration there are interspersed «finishing», which closes the surfaces — this is a reason to think about it. The basic principle of camouflage you understood: close as much as possible from the extra eyes.