What is so expensive, son?


No need to describe what was happening in summer with carrots prices, beets, potatoes and other exotic vegetables for Russia. This valuable product went up so much that it survived the oil, gas and other «national treasures». However, with time, zeros on the price tags were flooded and at each purchase of a kilogram of «pineapple» carrots or «banana» potatoes Credit card no longer shook.

People understood that the autumn would collect harvest and vegetable exotic will turn into a discharge of cheap products. So it happened — the Urals came the time of agricultural fairs, where you can buy several bags of potatoes, cabbage, carrots and other food investments for cheaply. Traditionally, it did not cause significant damage to the family budget.

But not this year!

Price tags have decreased, but not as accustomed to many citizens. It is already clear that the spear prices will not be at all from the word at all. A few years ago it was possible to buy carrots for 15-16 rubles, and closer to mid-October, when farmers got rid of unsold residues, and 14.

People knew that in the winter the same carrot would rise in price to 27-35 maximum. And it was quite acceptable.

However, this year, all farms of the region performed a single front and put the minimum price tag for the same carrot 35. Exactly twice as high from last year. So in winter, when the price tag in stores is traditionally multiplied by x2, carrots will cost at least 70.

But it’s not about this today, it would be stupid just to dig in the price tags, sigh and ot. I am attracted to the conversation that I heard on the market. Grandma walked around the farm ranks.

Completely normal, adequate grandmother, which did not copy to the pension of Milients, does not go on the cabriolet and does not have investments in Gazprom. She walked and looked at the price tags, translated a look at beautiful farm vegetables and walked on again. But next to a young guy who laid his unaccompanious products on a generous hand, was detained. Stood and asked:

What is so expensive, son?

Nearby stood a well-dressed peasant who sinked in his seating bags with potatoes. He added his five kopecks:


The shadow slid along the face of the guy, it was seen that he wanted to answer sharply, but seeing an elderly woman, thought and answered:

Babul, we are tired of being poor!

And then turned to the peasant and continued.

You know how much how much did you borrow for the diesel fuel? And with the subsidy from the state, almost all shared, except for major farms and agroholdings.

And how much fertilizer cost? And nobody made a discount on them, on the contrary, they even threw, pressing the price of gas, they say, look at how much it costs, next year we will wear three times.

Do you know what the technique needs to be repaired? And local baryrs are specially spares, they say the season, everything breaks, but we have the latter in the far warehouse, we will give you a double and then triple price tag.

And with the weather in general seams! For all summer there were three rain, I had to watered everything. For water from my river, on my state I had to pay at a double price tag. Pumps changed twice, so one also stole.

Here you are on a sport, where do you work?

On the plant, assistant steelmaker.

I am an assistant head of the farm, my father. We have 20 hectares of land and several dozen lease. People are working. His families feed, village, work by people, give, city feed all year round. And, you know, what I go — on Largus and he is 9 years old. Because I can not pull two million from the farm for yourself. We are simple to go to the bottom. And when prices have been tightened to vegetables, so check us, and not dealers, all the documentation was seized, without even looking at the fact that we stand …

What to add? Nothing!