What should stand in the bedroom to strengthen the family: the first to see the blacksmith and earned a state


Good day, friends!

What is usually worth in the average bedroom?

Bed, one or two bedside tables, table, wardrobe, chest of drawers, TV … Meanwhile, there is one thing about which almost everyone is forgotten, and then they are surprised how convenient, and what we did not use it before. And this wonderful thing greatly strengthens family relationships.

Do not believe? And if I prove?

What are the difference between men from women … uh in the bedroom? No, no, no, I’m not talking about that anecdote when a kolobok girl just rolls, and a kolobok-man rolls up and jershits. I’m about habits … It turns out, there is a huge difference between the sexes, you can even say the abyss. The difference lies in how men and women undress before bedtime.

Women can somehow imperceptibly put their things carefully. I suspect that they have long mastered teleportation immediately into the closet. Men do not possess such a property, so when stripping, standing on one leg, each normal man imagines himself by Michael Jordan, and trying to throw a crumpled sock exactly in

How women infuriates this male habit!

How many scandals happens about this!

Very often the role of the corner performs … Chair. By the way, many are put in the corner of the bedroom chair: sit, think, read. And in women’s dreams, a chair for recreation in the bedroom draws something like this:

We will be realistic, very rarely when the chair in the bedroom is used for its intended purpose. Almost everyone takes a book and fall on the bed. It is also more convenient, and it is possible to eat unnoticed.

What about the chair?

It performs the most important feature for a man:

The role of the basketball rings

Everything is flying there.

In particularly launched cases, the chair under the load of things is reminded, destroying the Titanic Iceberg. Once my good friend, I strongly asked the corner of the house on the screw piles, I suspect that the chair was guilty — it was simply not visible under a bunch of things … but it’s not for sure!

And so it was always, at all times. Even prehistoric men in their caves, I give the head on the clip, we threw our skins to the nearest angle.

And 100% such a landfill their wives did not like at all.

The first who came up with the place for teleportation of men’s things was poor English blacksmith

Yes, yes, yes, this is the name of this hanger:

You understand yourself, there was no servant at the poor blacksmith, and apparently, I didn’t like it very much that my husband throws dirty clothes into the angle. What to do, she did not know about Michael Jordan. And, probably, she was so punctured that the blacksmith rushed such a hanger.

The design and the idea itself turned out to be so successful, and in addition, by the end of the 19th century, many London dandy had a lot of servants, so the hanger turned out to be in the subject. A shaft of orders fell on the poor blacksmith, and after two months he had to build an additional workshop for the production of adhesive vineners.

Two years later, it was a mini-breeding, where he worked … 18 people. After 5 years, the Blacksmith departed from affairs, bought the land in the suburbs of London and the rest of his life only rested.

By the way, such a thing strengthens family relationships not only in the married bedroom. Sons — accurate copies of fathers, so every Michael Jordan has his little Shakil O’Neill. Socks and other clothes he throws a little less than sure.

As soon as the Son’s Room appeared in the son’s room, the son of the son turned into a son.

So, lovely women, do not scold men for scattered things, but just buy your personal chamener basketball player. It will be more beautiful, more practical and the family relationship will become stronger.

Well, or shared the secret of teleportation …