What to do in spring with the remnants of frozen berries: a German recipe for dual fixing without fermentation and «voting» gloves


To be honest, the recipe is not entirely German — he is from Austria, but specifically from a small mountain «land» called the Styria. With the climate there is not all well, so the Austrians chase a rash with the aim of driving in any available forms.

Although the local themselves call this recipe called German. Apparently recognize the palm of the championship of neighbors in the field of combating green serpent by drinking it.

The recipe is very simple, it will not require some kind of progenivities to collect the fern on the lunar night on August 2 or a mandatory order from abroad expensive components. And he also solves the greatest problem of all Russian gardeners and gardeners:

After all, as, in the summer, our faster from winter hibernation organisms of all few, more berries, more than greenery, more fruit, in the fall, we stand and grind endless compotes, jams, frost in the gloomy strategic reserve of berries. In winter, we try to eat all this, and the spring comes to understanding:

Something we got excited … where everything is good, with such a difficulty collected and saved, to give.

So, thanks to this recipe for a question «Where to give berries?» We do not have and will not. But all friends and acquaintances when they come to visit, ask:

Did you still have that pool?



We leave a frozen cherry for a couple of hours to move away from freezing.

Displays the cherry for tri-liter banks. You can no longer advise less.

The most responsible stage

Cover the lid and forget for 50 days in a dark place.

-You are my good …

And do not add any yeast, the relatives do not see the voting gloves above the banks. Everything is quiet and peaceful, Burgerski.

Why for 50 days? Because after 3 months, blue acid will start from the bones in liquor, and we do not need to repeat the feat of Romeo. For 50 days, a tart flavor of the bone appears in liquor, very similar to Amaretto.

After 50 days, we get out.

From time to time, approach, turn over, Bultham. You will be surprised, but after 3 days all sugar will dissolve himself.

On the 30th day is delivered.

Need to be demonstratively to say:

Fuuu what a muck …

And drag all this wealth away, preferably in the refrigerator.

Do you know why it needs to be done? Anyone who tries to be finished emphasis will not be able to stop! Will be taken and «circle» everything up to the last droplet, and then they will be accused:

Why did you do so little?

The advantage of this recipe is that there is no smell of Braga, there is no feeling of yeast, you do not need to filter anything and distilled. And, which is very important, it will not be wildly sweet with a huge amount of sugar. It turns out a real one, as they say in Nemebchin, Kirsche.

Serve cooled and in small doses, if, of course, it turns out.