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What to watch when buying a house: 7 signs that builders are not significant

It’s no secret that the future owner of the house and the developer is located on different sides of the barricades: one wants to get quality for a penny, the second bunch of drugs is no qualities, it is advisable for nothing at all.

In the unequal battle of builders and consumers, builders won. Of course, in order to «take a house» you need a competent independent expert, but something can be determined independently. And even an expert will not be able to determine exactly.

So, at what moments you need to watch to accurately determine: they wanted to invest or saved on all the money.

Sewer pipes.

In the ground is not visible!

Therefore, in the ground, it is often a cheap thin gray pipe. The movement of the earth can calmly break her even in the sleeve.

Personally, witnessed, as a man himself ruined the pipe already walked by the builders, cut it with pieces along with a flattened sleeve with a grinder, and he flew in his face, boiling from the heated disk, the contents of this pipe. You understand yourself, there were not rose petals.


A bright economy indicator is the lack of a fan pipe. On one object I was told:


Will be!

I will not be!

Fan pipe is not only an extra metrar, but also the need to make a box (although many do without it). In addition, there is no need to make an expensive penetration through the roof, although there were cases when a hole was simply cut out in a straightener, and the slot between the pipe and the roofing coating was poured with a sealant. Such a connection loses hermeticity in one season, already in the spring the owner is waiting for a dripping surprise.

So, a gray tube from the ground and there is no fan pipe — already minus in Karma Brigade.

Pipes of water supply and heating.

Surprisingly with Chinese shoal pipes occurs more than with radiators. I do not argue, there are Chinese pipes that can simultane more than one dozen years, but it happens that after a month it has to correct everything. It will not save a good developer to put a tick in karma, check the pipes.


We will be realistic, a simple person from the dock will not be able to determine the good windows put it or made a hole in the wall with a glass plug. You can just look at the glass pack if it is double, then they saved, if the triple, then at least some drop of conscience is … But this is not accurate.

Electrician wiring.

But to developers to developers, it is necessary to somehow feather, so they put everything at a minimum. How do you like a shield for one-story bed with two bedrooms:

No, well, what, three rooms are three cars, what else do you need? And the fact that on one machine will be a train up to 6 outlets … or 15 light bulbs … But everything is reliable. Buyer will explain:

Firm see what true IEK.

For an inexperienced hearing, it sounds proudly, for the electrician-pro — this is … a very mediocre thing. Not bad, but … and not good at all.

Shambo or Three Olympic Rings.

That in itself is very nice!

The buyer will explain that we always do it, three rings — closer to the Olympic team, septic tires and still a bunch of any causes will be found. Conclusion is simple: no septica or normal connection to central communications — the house is better not to take.

Ondulin, a thin strap or painted metal tile.

And what happens with a cheap metal tile is perfectly visible in the photo above. She will get off in 2-3 years, he will simply like her 7-10 years. Then change. But saved 50-70 thousand.

The last, most important.


Immediately leave. I heard this phrase once 7 or 8. No house examination has passed.

Builders can calmly make such a candy from a fading substance that a person will gladly give money. The smell will come …

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