«What? What did you poured it? This is not concrete, but a titanium of some kind. We broke the perforator.»


Is it possible to create hemorrhoids yourself, making work as high quality and conscientiously?

You can, and how!

I have proven me personally!

A week ago, we had the most important question in Russia: sexual. Namely:

What to do with the sexes?

I will not run forward, I will only say that on the floor in the future workshop (my former garage) is filled with a very high-quality and smooth screed, which I lined up so that there is no need for bulk floors. The foreman came with a laser level, shot and surprised — the height difference in the square in 45 square meters of 2 millimeters.

Therefore, a strategic solution was made: the floors do not touch the floors, carefully put the grooves in them, where to put the pipes, and all this is good to smelting the shtakula. After that, you can proceed to the walls.

No sooner said than done. In the morning, a team of specials in heating came. I tried to explain something about the floors, but I was politely said:


Once we were neat so sent, we decided to go to one very interesting place and see the furniture for the workshop.

What do you think happened?


An hour later, the call:

-Do you could not drive?

-What did you do everything?

There is a question …

Well, since Houston ranked that he had problems, it was necessary to go. We come to the place, and there … the cat was not lying! The brigade sits and smokes, and in the room there are screams and three-story structures from not quite censored vocabulary. The brigadier from the threshold met me by the question:

-Who poured the screed?

-Yo I am.

-I do not believe.

I poured. Predit. Two weeks of vacation spent. And what?

-How? What did you poured her? Vaughn perforator lies. He … everything … there is no more.

«Just I poured according to GOST …

Do not tell the fairy tale about GOST. We broke it at times. And here the titanium is somehow, not a screed.

I had to tell.

10 years ago, proud brigade of the Kazakhs made us a garage. Well, like a garage: foundation, walls and roof. After that, the question arose: what to do with the floors. The fact is that our house stands on the site of the former pit, and the Earth constantly sends. Therefore, workers said: there must be a thick slope, a lot of reinforcement, deformation seams and a very thick layer of concrete.

Having learned my Wishlist, the brigade launched such a price that … I just didn’t have such money. Well, I could not give half a day behind the tie in the garage. So the garage was standing without half a year.

For the next season, I was «lucky»: in the enterprise where I worked the authorities acquired a very steep hydroabrasive cutting machine. In it, with the help of water and sand cut metal. The sand was special — from Australia in bags of 25 kilograms. For the work of the machine such sand was purchased with tons.

After that, the problem was rushing: where to give such a buzz of the used sand to the water and stainless steel chips. It was not accepted on the city dump, and it was necessary to utilize somehow. Chief Engineer threw the cry:

-What is needed for the construction of garnet sand? Demolition will not be! Thank you.

I could not miss such an opportunity and instead of the nearest ditches of Super dear sand from Australia, I knocked right in the garage. Already the next day it became clear — that this is a mistake. Hyded, used garnet sand for metal cutting instantly dries.

It is practically in monolith!

The only option for him at least somehow move was first wetting, and then barely shovel to move to the right place. On «Just Run Sand» I took 5 days. I cursed everything.

But that was only the beginning!

I also had to fill the slab from this sand: the 500th cement plus the Australian sand with an admixture of the metal created a miracle, it turned out perfectly smooth plate with a thickness of 200 millimeters.

It did not even have to smoke — when pouring and tamping, the mixture became very smooth, but it was to interfere and to carry it. Filling of floors indoors 6.5 * 7 I took two weeks. And when the vacation is over, I went to work, I first went to say the chief engineer «Thank you!», And, secondly, I realized that in some cases work is better than vacation.


So the heating pipes in our workshop were put directly to the floor together with the lens of the insulation, and on top I had to fill a new screed layer in 7 centimeters from a simple factory concrete.

And it does not compare any comparison with my, which I did from the Australian sand.