What will turn the rise in price of building materials: 5 the consequences of which many have not thought about.


As a child, one of my favorite books was a wonderful fairy tale of the Italian writer Janni Rodari «Chipolino». Think in the meaning of just one paragraph:

… almost from childhood he dreamed of what he had ever his own house, and every year I bought one brick for the future building. In the end, he decided to work more, but there is a smaller …

Nothing reminds? It is said that the continuation of a fairy tale called «The Adventures of Chipollino in Russia» should begin. Joke through tears …

Before most ordinary people who got involved in the construction, in the light of the price jump, now there is a question:

One of my acquaintances just closed the construction season and decided to do something at home only when the prices «find out».

The second one else does, so there is last year’s stock of building materials.

The third decided to complete at least a box, crying and paying, paying and crying.

But, in general, everyone is waiting … they wink money and wait … And what are waiting? That’s about it today and talk.

What we see is only the vertex of iceberg, analysts in the field of construction, realtors and other specialists have already thought. With their conclusions, I will introduce you:

It will rise in price for real estate and, first of all, private houses.

The predicted increase in real estate prices for 6 months — 20-30%, no less than 40% during the year. Who is ready to buy an apartment in the suburbs for 10 million?

The average area of houses will decrease.

At the same time, many realtors say that the price of Earth will decrease. Since the volume of construction will fall and there will be no excitement, many will begin to get rid of the land purchased by the Earth, as they will not be able to build on it. We are waiting for many empty and abandoned sites.

Maybe no wonder our ancestors built houses mostly in 50-60 squares per family?

Cheaper finish.

Who wanted carrarsky marble in the courtyard and porcelain stoneware all over the floor? Concrete screed and laminate of the lowest class — most of us are waiting.

People who have already started construction will save on work and build on their own.

Wave bankruptcies of construction organizations.

Where is the builder to take money to compensate for the increased costs? No one will pay extra — will be bankruptcy.

And one moment. Already, some of my friends are thinking:

And do not buy a house in the village, while they still cost 500-700 thousand for more or less adequate, and do not move on to the city. In the extreme case there will be a cottage where you can rest in the summer, and in the winter in the bath …

And maybe it will be the best entrance for many.

What do you say about this? Agree with the conclusions?