«What you climbed into the paving slabs. Put the brex and your yard grandchildren will get.»


For me, my house has always been associated with a cozy courtyard, which is stitched beautiful, and, most importantly, multicolored paving slabs. And I even know where the legs grow from this «love.» In 2006, our family first went to Anapa and there we saw her: a beautiful multicolored blocking.

Everyone was so fascinated that the wife, grabbing my hand, whispered softly:

That’s where we put this in the yard.

How not to be fascinated by such beauty when we, harsh urals, were familiar with only two types of coverage: asphalt and broken asphalt. And here such beauty!

In general, when our business reached the question:

How to wind the space in front of the house?

Even the questions did not arise, and the chorus said:

Colored paving slabs!

But our foreman, when he heard about the colored paving slabs, waved his hands and issued information:

In fact, there are many materials and technologies that are not only cheaper than the paving slabs, but also more than its longer. The fact is that high-quality paving slabs can painlessly transfer 300 frost cycles / defrost., After which it begins to actively give ends. And instead of a beautiful courtyard in front of the eyes, the owner arises a polygon of the destroyed concrete.

If autumn and spring were issued by «capricious», then these same 300 cycles can safely be used for 2-3 seasons. And the owner fell for money. In addition, the sidewalk is very capricious to the laying technology — enough to roll to the owner at least in one layer and headache is provided.

The poor-quality paving tiles can give their concrete ends after 70-90 cycles. That is practically for the year! Very little pleasant in putting the material for a bunch of money on the floor, and then for their own money to choose him.

From our side, a reasonable question was followed:

What to put instead of paving slabs?



I’ll show you!

And, you know where he is visible? At the cemetery! The wife even pale and says:

-We are you so tired that you decided to get rid of us?

He first did not understand, and then laughed and hurried to calm down:

-Cene is nearby, and why — understand.


Thanks to the property of marble and granite, breccia does not absorb water, is not susceptible to freezing / defrost, it is not afraid of driving machines and heavy equipment, not erased at all.

In fact, this is the eternal material!

Despite the fact that it is waste. And since these are waste (this is where all the inconsisions are leaving when the employees have accumulated with sizes), then the price is relevant.

In my city, this material is sold at a price of 270 rubles per square meter.

And this price tag, against the background of all other prices for materials, is very pleasant.

There are three technologies for stacking breccia:

The last option is placed on the concrete base and such yards do not require repair for several decades. The only lack of breccia as a material — in winter and after the rain it is slippery. And, heavily disperse on the car, you can stop somewhere in the house, the porch or enter the garage right with the gate. Yes, and just run around the wet breccia is the attraction.

It was this deficiency that did not allow us to choose this material to finish the yard. Workers have already laid most of the paving slabs.

She is colored and very beautiful! But…