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What you need to be prepared, communicating with the foreign customer: «We are from different planets, native»

Golden dream of many handmade masters — trading abroad. They say there and prices are higher and manual work more like. Actually this is not true. Abroad, it is enough people who, at the sight of handmade products, chuck and turn away:

I do not buy for something.

And in foreign fairs are full of people who pass by you with the view:

Find, in the end, a normal work itself.

Just in Russia, only 140 million people live, and abroad a little more than 7 billion. Or how much have it been caring for us? So there people are trite more than here. However, the idea to trade with «them» is very good — the prices of «bourgeois» higher.

But very often merchants from Russia are encountered on the lack of understanding of the Wishlist and the wishes of the foreign customer. And it’s not just in whims or «zakidona» — we are not just different, we are completely different. Sometimes it seems that we are from different planets.

So, with which you have to face when working with the «import» client:

«Consciousness flow.»

-Hau and yu?

Many customers consider their duty to tell the seller about how they are waiting for the parcel, where they will put it, as she is waiting for her in the morning, at lunch, evening and even lying in bed. How her mother, dad, sisters, brothers, cat, dog and even manual parrot are waiting for it.

And it can be stretching for days. Every day 2-3, and sometimes 5 messages. It is not shiz, it is so accepted. Customer is important to share emotions with the seller, show a friendly attitude.

In the US, by the way, there are even special courses in schools, where they talk about how to communicate with neighbors, to spend parties, be a hospitable and welcoming owner.

Frank rudeness.

It was from such people who most often should be waiting for a return on the whole important reason: «I no longer need.» By the way, the seller is always to Pailepal, a priori is to blame. To defend the rights is very difficult. I hope in the new system, which the site is introduced will be better.

Too accurate TK.

From such an order it is better to refuse to immediately — you will abrupt the brain with the requirements, after which, in 99% of cases the thing will be back with the wording «The flower in the 7th row from above the bottom petal is slightly rooted to the right.»


My good acquaintance with such a macar flew by 18 thousand rubles. By sending the parcel with handmade kitchen boards to Germany. It was in early November, the boards were needed to the new year. For 7 weeks should have come!


How can this be? I have no idea!

«Question about bears.»

-And do you really have a bears on the streets?

-And show the balalaika?

-And you can additionally put the mother?

-And you will not be placed that you are trading with America?

No, there are quite adequate people who know perfectly that Russia represents. Many even visited us and accounted for a good impression.

But there are so dense specimens for which Russia is a mysterious country in which the Great and Horrible Putin reigns, bears, there is a nuclear reactor in the basement or a gazda well. These questions need to be treated with understanding — no need to destroy the fragile psyche of man.

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